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  1. What an idiot. I hope to God they strip him of his license and Mission comes in and scoops up WADL for pennies
  2. Well overdue. I'm shocked they weren't on sooner
  3. They have no case. They're just slowing down the inevitable
  4. Well overdue. They were using the old Gray graphics for a while there. Darn shame the theme is still Ariel tho
  5. Much to the surprise of absolutely no one. I'm not too sure what they were thinking with that one.
  6. At this point, investing in a Radio station is a new way to burn your money to a furnace
  7. Spring football is just not gonna be a thing. Bunch of rich idiots here are just burning money on nothing
  8. They finally picked one theme. Should've gone with The Rock new cuts but ok
  9. Get in line, Dolans. It's gonna be a long 2024...
  10. What a waste of space. As if the world needs MORE cable channels...and more cable channels to not watch and be forced to pay for...
  11. We got one from WMGT. Looks like a MG knockoff
  12. Marza sliding into Ritter's place as the latter takes a breather...
  13. If they got evidence supporting that, oh boy...
  14. Need to check tvfool before even choosing an antenna. Its all about location with these things and what you need to watch...
  15. Jesus Christ. Talk about having a living nightmare. I hope she beats it out
  16. Yeah...I don't see how that's gonna stop Nexstar. Worse case scenario, they'll just give WADL the CW affiliation
  17. Well...looks like golf is dead...
  18. WPIX isn't showing the Mets on Sunday so they probably thought it wasn't worth grabbing it.
  19. Yeah. It's a Disney mandate here. They're basically cutting bait with anyone that they think isn't worth keeping around for the money they get
  20. It's a freakshow graphic wise over there. I hope Nexstar kicks out the GM for that alone sooner or later. That's just not how you make a successful news product
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