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  1. They could unload some stations to do it sure, but I don't think they WANT to, to much ad $ to be lost by Uncle Perry. IMO Nexstar should have been forced to unload more stations when they purchased Tribune but here we are.
  2. DENDude

    In Memoriam

    Former KUSA, KCNC & KMGH Anchor John Rayburn has passed away at the age of 96. He worked at KCNC (then KOA-TV / NBC) from 1959-1963 as a sports anchor, KMGH (then KLZ-TV / CBS) as an anchor from 1963-1970 & then KUSA (then KBTV / ABC) from 1970-1980. Up until his death on Sunday he was doing some radio broadcasting, he was the first person to anchor the news at all 3 network stations in Denver. https://www.9news.com/article/news/local/john-rayburn-tv-anchor-denver-obituary/73-9d256c9b-b574-46bd-8158-b9a8c7d236d5
  3. I have a question, is WFOR still one of the lower rated CBS stations or does that title now belong to someone else? I know WCIX/WFOR was a disaster for years.
  4. KDVR & KWGN have streams.. https://kdvr.com/live/fox31/?ipid=live_fox31_nav https://kdvr.com/live/kwgn/ Or are these not what Mr. Sook considers "Streaming'??? I'm confused..
  5. Okay question, what if WDIV declines to put the CW on one of it's digital sub channels? Then what does Nexstar do?
  6. It will be interesting to see how fast traditional TV declines now that so much of the sports coverage has gone streaming. I'm sure most of the MLB & NFL games will be exclusively streaming in the coming years as the contracts come up.
  7. https://radioinsight.com/headlines/267767/kfco-denver-drops-its-kingdom-name/ KFCO-FM 107.1 FM has dropped it's "Kingdom" branding and is now identifying as KFCO 107.1. KFCO was acquired April 5, 2024 by Piller of Fire International from Max Media & switched it's branding from FLO 107.1 to Kingdom 107.1.
  8. Good, WZVN had been using there old package for quite some time.
  9. Reporter Reha Jah formerly of KXRM FOX21 NEWS / KXTU SoCo CW has moved north to Denver and is now a reporter for Denver duopoly KUSA--9NEWS NBC / KTVD--Channel 20. Her first day on air was today 3/29.
  10. A lot of you will disagree with me on this but, I think Scripps should have right of first refusal at WPIX seeing how they once owned it. Or better yet, shake down mission broadcasting & force mission into being it's own company (it will never happen), prohibit Nexstar from doing ANYTHING for Mission stations nationwide (Websites, ad sales, ect). I'm happy that the FCC is finally taking some action against Nexstar & Mission.
  11. Sounds like she will be taking the weekend position for now. I know KMGH / KCDO had a weekend opening for sometime on the scrips employment page. Good for her!!!!!
  12. Comcast no longer carries KPJR-TV here in Denver (Greeley) on it's systems, according to the Channel finder. In northeast Colorado it is over the air only on 38.2, I have never been able to receive 38.1 or 38.2 where I live in Denver County, there transmitter is 38.8 miles northeast of me. I don't see Dr. Phil's cable network surviving, tbh...
  13. CNBC is reporting this evening that ESPN, FOX & Warner Brothers/Discovery are going to launch a yet to be named streaming service for sports, don't know much more than that yet. (Notably absent from this are Comcast's NBC Universal & Capital Amusements CBS). https://www.cnbc.com/2024/02/06/espn-fox-and-warner-bros-discovery-to-launch-joint-sports-streaming-platform-this-year.html
  14. White Knight Broadcasting's 2 stations remain dark on Dish, according to Dish Network. They were pulled the same day as the mission broadcasting stations. Friday January 6, 2023. It must suck to be White Knight.
  15. KDVR / KFCT (FOX31) & KWGN (Colorado's Own Channel 2) employees that work the combined assignment desk & the Nexstar master control hub for a dozen Nexstar TV stations across the country intend to unionize according to an article posted on the station's website yesterday. If this comes to pass they would be the 2nd & 3rd Denver TV stations to Unionize after KCNC "CBS NEWS Colorado" went union in late 1995 after being acquired by Group W/CBS. I also have this up on my blog about Denver TV stations that can be found in my profile. Article here:https://kdvr.com/news/local/nexstar-workers-in-denver-declare-intent-to-unionize/
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