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Hearst, Comcast Encrypting ATSC 3.0


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I'm getting sick of all this crap. For 50 years they've been fighting convenience, and that's one of the big reasons they are fading into irrelevancy. 


This article talks more about Comcast, but if you Google it, more and more of these TV chains are encrypting and the encryption is not playing well with people's tuners and OTA DVRs.



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7 minutes ago, TheRob said:

Exec. 1: We're losing viewers to games and TikTok and YouTube.


Exec 2: I have an idea. Let's make access to our product more complicated and more expensive.


That's my big beef, all these controls. Media should be available everywhere. Over the air, TV, internet, phone and whatever else gets invented. It's like the corner gas station. You make it convenient for people. These people still have the mindset where they have to control access to everything. Unless you're in the first year or so of a Blockbuster movie, there's nothing really that valuable to control.


The only encryption they should have is they should encrypt something in there to play a reasonable number of commercials if you want to watch their product. If you don't want to watch the commercials, you don't get to watch the show. That's fair.


The rest of this is crap.

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The ATSC 3.0 signals of the CBS & MyNetTV (Both Gray owned.) & ABC & CW (Both Hearst owned.) in Kansas City, MO are now encrypted. The ATSC 3.0 signals of the Fox (Nexstar owned.), independent & NBC (Both Scripps owned.) & PBS (Locally owned.) are still in the clear.

2023-05-15 23_19_49-HDHomeRun Config GUI.png

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This is sickening.   Just more of the content owners trying to take control of their own content, so only they can own it and the viewers can only watch it the way the owner wants them to.


The viewer is going to prevail in the end.  It's how VCRs came into play.  And with the right amount of ingenuity and legal standing, The viewers are going to find a way to have control of what they receive on the air.

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