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  1. *hint* *hint* You can do a hostile takeover you know.
  2. You know I'm waiting on the Nexstar and Sinclair stocks to go down right?
  3. So Nexstar is just like Sinclair then? They're going to hold on to their stations until they're either broke or the FCC deals their hand. I thought you were cool Nexstar.
  4. What is the problem with Nexstar unloading stations. If I owned it, I would do it. How to buy voting stock is the question
  5. Bryon Allen may be a joke but at least his TV stations haven't gone to crap, I believe he'll do something eventually.
  6. rumor but i think it's going to happen. https://basketnews.com/news-206165-tnt-lose-nba-media-rights-to-nbc-report-states.html
  7. Rodgers *killing it* like usual.
  8. TVLurker


    they should put it on peacock. I don't even subscribe to cable TV anymore due to all the redundancy of content.
  9. wonder what ABC going to replace it with?
  10. The RSN nightmare continues.
  11. we need an Atlanta forum now, the people have spoken.
  12. From FTVLive Looks like things just got interesting if the FCC acts on this letter. *popcorn gif*
  13. Are the owners of the company on crack? This is getting ridiculous now.
  14. guessing they're trying to get their CW station on YouTube TV due to Nexstar's method for negotiation with CW affiliates.
  15. visual effects could be better. the set is the best it can possibly be, don't change the set, i am a fan of it.
  16. they should change their name to the history channel. also no worries.
  17. i think he means it's similar to the Disney mandates of recent.
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