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FX Group to become Official Set Supplier of Fantasy Television America


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ORLANDO — Broadcast news set designer FX Group has signed on to become the Official Set Supplier of Fantasy Television America, a site that allows users to create and manage their own fantasy television stations.


Under the deal, announced Dec. 20, FX will provide a selection of images that FTA members will be able to use to create custom sets for their fantasy television newscasts beginning in early January


FTA, which was founded in 2003, is America's first and longest-running online television station simulation. The site, located at http://www.fantasytvamerica.com, allows users to create stations, set the schedule and create fantasy newscasts complete with graphics, sets and promotions.


In the past, FTA users have created their own sets using a variety of methods, but this partnership will give users access to professional-grade imagery to create more realistic and functional sets based on work by FX's Emmy-winning design studio.


FX, located online at http://www.fxgroup.tv, will deliver the images as layered Adobe Photoshop files with pre-cut holes for users to insert their own graphics. In addition, some images will include scenic elements that can be turned on and off using Photoshop's layer feature.


For users without Photoshop, standard JPEG files will also be made available.

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I'm sitting here in my cubicle laughing as I read this press release, but in all honesty it's a pretty neat idea and kudos to FX Group for working *with* us instead of *against* us!

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FX is spreading the goodwill. Alot of people (set designers, music companies etc. etc.) would be screaming "copyright violation" if something of theirs were to appear on the FTA site. Kudos to FX for sharing and not being assholes. Can I say asshole? I think I just did! hahaha! ;D

Is there someone at FX I can hug?


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