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  1. In terms of career progression, one would not go from anchoring a broadcast at WABC to anchoring World News Now. It pays less and the hours are worse. If anything, you sometimes see the opposite - Liz Cho and Rob Nelson, for example, both anchored WNN before coming to WABC. For most, anchoring a broadcast at WABC would be the apex of a career.
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  2. Sinclair won't be making the RSNs available to unauthenticated users. Per Ripley's quote, the DTC option "will allow an unauthenticated user the ability to access and even subscribe to certain content from our RSNs, as well as other unique content." I bolded the important part. Just certain content will be available to people who can't authenticate. I'm pretty sure that means MLB/NBA/NHL games won't be available that way. It'll likely be just pre/postgame shows and other studio shows/non-game programming. That's a key distinction to make.
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  3. I'll ask the GM. I know him.
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  4. Why is everyone assuming Shirleen is leaving? She’s just filling in for Mona for a few days this week. Same when NBC & CBS borrow local talent from their affiliates one assumes that such and such person is joining the network
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