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  1. Really, WRTV should be kicking themselves for letting Ray go when they did.
  2. From what I heard there are 3 stations that are currently exempted from the look which are WTVR/WTKR and WPIX
  3. I would assume KRON and WDAF sent there own team down.
  4. last time WTVX had a newscast it was being produced by KUTV. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out and again what happens after Election Day. I have a feeling these newscasts will get pulled by December 1st. Its also the same with the new news department going in @ WSFL
  5. Well if they bring back ole Andy Griffin then they might have ratings jump through the roof. That used to be their lead in
  6. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/10/26/fired-anchor-sues-tegna-station Former WTSP Main Anchor Reginald Roundtree is suing Tegna
  7. I think that whole experiment set beck wjzy about 15 years. No offense.. But it is tough to take down a great market leader that is local as well. I know the old assistant news director Ned hibbert got let go and went to wcnc because of how bad it flopped.
  8. Dan was a great reporter down here. Glad he is going to target bigger fish in NYC. Also I really miss Paul deanno when he was at wtvj.
  9. From last week where they had the news team sing the 7th inning stretch.
  10. When I went up to Charleston, I do not remember them having a different open, but I was there during their Ultra News days.
  11. I have to say the ones from Guam I can give a big excuse for. WTTG I hope that was just MC messing up. I also dont like the pre-tease graphics, but the open somehow ties it in. I saw the KTVH open and just thought ok..playing it super safe
  12. Looks like from the gray graphics hub with some recoloring done
  13. How do you do KBMT considering its both an ABC and NBC affiliate? I understand KFMB.
  14. I was thinking real quick, what is KTUL going to do with this bunch of graphics. This was their last open on Youtube in September of last year: And another one from May:
  15. Phoenix Suns Basketball on Channel 45 (with Al Vanik doing voiceover work) plus this is when Local stations had the first two rounds in conjunction with the national partners
  16. How about this for some nostalgia in Houston. KTXH (UPN 20) broadcasting a Houston Aeros (then an IHL team) in their second season. from when they were Paramount 20 Or about how when ESPN2 during the NHL lockout was carrying the IHL
  17. Guess Washington's Channel 9 is celebrating 70. Happy Anniversary WUSA
  18. Im not trying to criticize WOIO here, but geeze, Chris Tanaka sounds like he does not care anymore.
  19. I did put some of WOIO's historical packages in this resynch to see if it will make it way better. In my opinion it does.
  20. Ramar still owns them, but (and maybe because I am way out of loop at times) but I like what they have done with the station
  21. I know this is somewhat a long time ago but I have been impressed with what they have done with FOX34 in Lubbock considering it is locally owned. There stream right now has TECH Talk which is part of FOX34 NEWS NOW
  22. I will say, expect a resynch from me tonight with these new opens. And I have a feeling that this could take them to number one
  23. Hearing Ernie Anderson talk about the WWF back in the late 80s early 90s. This was the bid video for the LA Coliseum to get Wrestlemania. Of course due to lagging ticket sales, they moved it to the LA Memorial Sports Arena
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