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  1. Looking like puke and sounding like puke doesn't necessarily mean they don't put out a quality product. It might not be refined, but at least they do put effort in where it needs to be which is the actual nuts and bolts. Scripps has gutted WMAR to a point that they try (and they really do), but when parts of your news team is being ran like a Morris Multimedia station, that is not good.
  2. In reference to the ROH deal with Destination America, TNA is actually going away from Destination and ROH I am assuming will be the only one shown.
  3. That would sound like a plausible idea to have Adam & Trina do the 11AM show except for one little problem currently. If Adam was to do that show, his time would be stretched even further with him having to go to Miramar than over to Miami Gardens (which is a 30 minute or so drive) and then to go right back to Miramar for 5 PM. Not necessarily the best of situations there and depending on traffic. Maybe I don't know, put him as the sports director or main sports anchor. Just a thought process.
  4. Well I think when they put Adam Kuperstein in evenings it was more of a oh bleep emergency move. Granted he is a decent anchor, and also he is cheap (compared to Jackie at least). I don't think his deal with WQAM would prevent him in being anchor (although it is CBS Radio now owning it). Adam Kuperstein's gigs: NBC 6 Main Anchor (at the moment) WQAM 12-2 PM radio show weekdays (with a former Dolphin) Weekend NBC Sports Radio Show with Jordan Schultz. It just depends. Maybe they move him back to sports? I don't know.
  5. that is a set that could be used more to its potential than it is.
  6. NBC Arthouse actually designed the WINK Look F.
  7. Took a look at KDNLs website and apparently the Allman Report (their news programming) is on at 6:30 AM this morning. NMSA already has them listed using Sinclair News Package as well.
  8. http://awfulannouncing.com/the-locker/dc-news-anchor-bails-redskins.html http://www.mediabistro.com/tvspy/washington-d-c-anchor-tells-washington-redskins-im-out_b134150 Tony Perkins frustration with the Redskins. More stunned to hear one of Washington's recognizable anchors literally voice his frustration. Granted I would too if my team was 6-21 since going to the playoffs.
  9. WTVJ Joe Rose to retire in December: http://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/NBC-6s-Joe-Rose-to-Retire-in-December-275354971.html Great sports anchor and a unique personality. I would also say considering he has worked as the morning host on 560 WQAM and is a commentator on Dolphins broadcasts, best time to slow down.
  10. http://www.local10.com/news/local-10s-trent-aric-proposes-to-jacey-birch/29697964 Trent Aric (Weekend Meterologist and Former Chief) proposes to Jacey Birch (Morning anchor) at WPLG. Very unique way of doing it. Congratulations to both of them.
  11. Texans are highly patriotic and there is a real spirit of Texas
  12. May be something special is planned for the Texas stations
  13. Pretty smart for WFOR to get Gerard as he is a recognizable face down here (from WTVJ)
  14. And yet WJZ is still first place. They must be doing something right in Maryland
  15. Jose, It was stated in the recent Holiday promos that Rhiannon was living in Miami Beach. At best, traffic in between Miami Beach to the WFOR studios in Doral is 30 minutes and that is stating best possibilities. I know that rush hour starts at 3:30 so that first scenario she would have to leave at 3 to make it work and that 6:30 commute home would take an hour or more due to how congested it gets in Doral all the way on the Dolphin over. WSVN is literally a pebble throw away to Miami Beach on N. Bay Village.
  16. I don't know if this has been posted or not, but WPLG is now going to compete with WSVN @ 4 PM starting in mid-January with Local 10 News @ 4.
  17. Roland Steadham started on WPLG on Saturday and will be used as a weekend morning met and morning fill-in for Julie
  18. But its traffic reporters. I know on WSVN they have off camera people doing the traffic with WTVJ and WFOR having a dedicated traffic reporter. WPLG is rotating people in and out.
  19. He also is a sideline report for FS Arizona coverage of the University of Arizona telecasts and works very closely with the university Not a bad move at all really
  20. In Tucson, your favorite late 80s early 90s WWF interviewer and former news anchor of WBZ and WWOR has accepted a weekend anchor at KVOA News 4 Tucson. http://www.tucsonweekly.com/TheRange/archives/2012/05/25/sean-mooney-joining-kvoa
  21. Don't know what happened today but there was no noon newscast on WPLG
  22. But yet even when WUSA had there own graphics by Giant Octopus they were using the four second open in there last graphics.
  23. LOL. Lets hope they get to an agreement before the Super Bowl in 2 weeks. If not, than there will certainly be a lot of New Engladers pissed.
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