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  1. Mardek.....With the recent slew of buyouts to try and help settle their long term financials, to the point that right now as it stands currently, they are under a lot of debt (close to $4.5B). For them to add Tribune to the mix would be corporate suicide. No shareholder is willing to shoulder that much debt! Tribune for all intents and purposes are the most unique group in that they do own some major affiliates but they also own stations in DMA's 1-4 and those stations alone don't come cheap! If they ended up deciding to buy them, the debt load for the new Tegna would double to a point that shareholders would find it completely unsustainable
  2. Really doubt WTKR is going to get Ratner or Chapin. I don't mind Matt Tacka. But heck maybe we can get Ntropolis to do the voiceovers?
  3. So, outside of what happened in Baltimore yesterday, there are now two things going on with their subsidiary Ring of Honor Wrestling: 1) Ring of Honor COO is open to agreements with a working agreement with the WWE and possibly going to add shows to the WWE Network Source Site: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2016/0427/611170/roh-coo-open-to-a-working-relationship-with-wwe/ 2) ROH and Sinclair are interesting in purchasing TNA Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2016/0428/611193/roh-owners-interested-in-purchasing-tna-wrestling/ My opinions: 1) A great deal if they can get a working partnership going with WWE and put shows onto the Network. They have also been very friendly and at least are on Vince's good side instead of TNA (founded by Jeff Jarrett) 2) This is a big part that concerns Wrestling Fans. Yes, TNA has been struggling to the point they got evicted from their HQ in Nashville. The owner (Dixie Carter) is pretty much going to a shoestring budget. They do garner decent ratings for POP TV (formerly TV Guide Network) but it seems the organization is on its death knell. The reason for ROH to purchase this is for the tape library and international distribution deals. As it stands now, TNA stars can compete in ROH NON-Televised cards and iPPV's (and in fact TNA wrestlers can compete anywhere except WWE, just not on another organization's television show.)
  4. Maybe re-word it. They did lead the station through that disastrous time for them
  5. http://www.adweek.com/tvspy/wdbj-news-director-leaving-after-34-years/169427 The News Director @ WDBJ7 is leaving the station after 34 years at the station and of course was part of a brave management team (including the GM Jeff Marks) who have left the station in the light of the recent buyout of WDBJ from Schurz to Gray
  6. Darius: I don't think that can happen. The other three are duopoly partners. Gannett is not buying The television arm of Tribune, but the publishing arm.
  7. yea but then across some of the others properties they own..at least one station lost a big primary anchor team and another one will be loosing the GM, News Director, and Chief Meterologist. And that station will be losing a primary anchor for different reasons. Some of the stations won't have to do much reorganization but others will have to reorganize in a hurry.
  8. Couple of points here: 1) The link to the open might have been posted on an internal email and not everyone has a Vimeo account. Also, their e-mail servers might actually block out or strip attachments if they have a certain ending and considering that there is probably a "size" limit within an enterprise setting, this was probably the easiest way to get it up for review. 2) Yes it is lazy for the uploader to not set the privacy. I know for youtube there is a way there is a privacy setting to where whomever gets the link to the video can see it, but it remains unsearchable to those that might not have a link. I would think Vimeo is the same way.
  9. You are free to use this MEME whenever the admin feels its necessary.
  10. So with all the craziness of WFAA being disaffiliated and all that..here is the long awaited list of those who took buyouts. There is one question mark and that is with KIII's ND Richard Longoria Doug Miller-KHOU Glenn Courts-WCNC Cindy Prezler-KSDK Steve Smith-First Coast News Roger Weeder-First Coast News Joe Becker-KGW Melissa Swan-WHAS Diana Pierce-KARE Allen Costantini-KARE Mike Roberts-KSDK Keith Whitney-WXIA Donna Lowry-WXIA Kevin Rowson-WXIA Lee Van Ameyde-WZZM Dennis Bounds-KING Jean Enerson-KING Jeff Renner-KING Linda Byron-KING Steve McKay-WLBZ Joe Cupo-WCSH Joe Flanagan-WVEC Velma Scaife-WVEC Mark Murray-KVUE Dave Wirth-WTSP [Thanks to AJClementeFan] Richard Longoria-KIII [NEWS DIRECTOR?] Frank Volpicella-KVUE [NEWS DIRECTOR] Patti Smith-KVUE [GENERAL MANAGER]
  11. That would probably be true of any buyout is that technically you are taking an early retirement from the company buying out your contract which would explicitly mean you couldn't work for said company again since in the eyes of the company you are technically retired
  12. Indeed. I did submit the info over to NMSA and he has updated the listing
  13. I have to admit, this theme is real impressive certainly hearing the cleaner cuts.
  14. Scott Stanford..The jobber of PIX11
  15. http://unclebarky.com/dfw_files/4aba1865f384269fac28e1ec3415552a-3591.html So from reading this, WFAA's buyout group will be limited to about 27 off camera personnel. No on camera people are going to be involved in it.
  16. Yes..but KING 5 has not been a great place of business in the past few months you know ever since what happened with the unions.
  17. KING 5 has hit a huge blow: http://www.king5.com/mb/news/local/dennis-bounds-jeff-renner-jean-enersen-and-linda-byron-retiring-from-king-5/135076487 DENNIS BOUNDS JEAN ENERSON JEFF RENNER LINDA BYRON all of them "retiring" Wow
  18. Well it could be an elaborate April Fools ruse.
  19. EatNews: He was Executive Producer at KING 5 and was also the news director at Q13 in Seattle. Great pickup by XETV
  20. I actually like the WTKR 3
  21. But I think the big part of that might be because they are now sharing space with the Savannah Morning News. There could be some complications with that and plus the station isn't as fully staffed as some of the other stations that Hearst has taken over.
  22. I know with what all was going on in Roanoke with the shooting at WDBJ, that it might have been highly inappropriate to report this at that time. This still might be, but as I was watching the WSET live feed yesterday at 5 PM, I noticed that Mark Spain was sitting next to Noreen Turyn. http://www.wset.com/story/28846857/mark-spain
  23. Open for the new Cleveland 19. They are using This is the Place which is surprising to me.
  24. If I was CBS, I would be more than happy not to produce news if my current programming was paying the same or more (profit margin) to my bottom line. Not only that, FOX 2, WDIV 4 and WXYZ 7 are well entrenched and when WWJ 62 did try, they got killed for it. So its an easier choice NOT to produce news and save the money (or really the profit losses) and just invest in good syndicated programming.
  25. Dave Ward said this about Bob Allen: https://www.facebook.com/KTRKHouston/videos/10153187810159342/?fref=nf
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