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  1. I think this one is not that surprising considering that David Crabtree did not move out of the anchor chair like many had thought he would. Wonder if he will go back to Cincinnati?
  2. 1993 Florida Marlins with the Sunshine Network 2000 Florida Marlins (also the final home opener at County Stadium in Milwaukee) [admittedly I am trying to find anything when WAMY covered the Marlins] @Eat News When did KFMB broadcast the Padres
  3. French language broadcast of Rendezvous 87 from the NHL. Listen to like the first minute and you will here a familiar news theme from WWOR back in the 90s
  4. And to think nearly a decade ago, they were very close to getting sold off to Post Newsweek and being merged with WPLG. To see this, even though they might not be first place, they still are doing things as close to the Renick Way as possible is nothing short of impressive.
  5. 24 years ago with a full game from the ill-conceived Baseball Network split of NBC/ABC
  6. For the front-end website publishing it is handled by Lakana and they are more than likely using AWS. In that case, it is more important for them to be at near 100% uptime. I am assuming that Nexstar probably is working towards enterprising their backend IT infrastructure including Virtualization (like station operations/DCs/Exchange Servers/i.e.)
  7. Admittedly it is easier to handle scale of operations from a cloud perspective and going towards AWS or some other cloud based platform. Means for the stations IT department, they do not actually have to have the station's website on a station's local servers, and can ensure maximum uptime for a station's web presence. I would also expect that with virtualization being big as well, if a company like Nexstar isn't using something that is enterprised across their stations (for contingency purposes), than that would be kind of silly.
  8. If they somehow can continue making money, than they aren't going to fire them
  9. Are you sure that its Scripps management or is it probably KGUN management not wanting to go to those graphics for whatever reason.
  10. Promo for the cubs final season
  11. The Turn Back the Clock game that FOX broadcasted in 2000. Very interesting to see now and to see the changes from 2000 to 2019
  12. https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/WTVJ-70th-Anniversary-505585811.html WTVJ is now 70 years old.
  13. This is sadly owned by KHQ, so I would more blame KHQ than this station. They are just using whats available to them
  14. Is that it for the set..And are they Entrovision or an O&O of Univision
  15. I dont know if this got mentioned, but KPRC is celebrating 70 years this year: They have added an interactive site on click2houston.com https://www.click2houston.com/s/anniversary/2000s/2007.html (there is a menu bar to the left that can go through the different years.) Also, the crazy part is that Bill is fixing to get to 50 years of broadcasting, with right now 47 years in the city of Houston.
  16. Nice to know they are still using The World at Home
  17. Sinclairs Dayton old building..has actually been abandoned a while. Hmmm
  18. ID Junkie has found a great station to bring forth. I have to admit, the uniqueness of the talent that has gone in at KVOA is just crazy with a former Vegas anchor now at nights and former WWE announcer and color commentator (and now Podcast host) Sean Mooney in the mornings. Very different.
  19. I think in this case..considering that NBC is buying 2 Telemunndo affiliates it does not mean that KCRA or KSL have anything to worry about. KCRA is a Hearst station and very strong, and also probably has a strong group wide affiliation deal with NBC. KSL has been very strong and the other part is that NBC did have KUTV as an O&O for a minute before the deal with Westinghouse/CBS back in 1994 which swapped KUTV/KCNC/KYW to CBS for WCAU/WTVJ change of channel number and something else.
  20. ID Junkie's compliation of WEAR-TV..even though its Sinclair..they have had some great stuff certainly considering how unique of a station it is.
  21. So I guess..good job on KLAS for actually doing some investigative work on its own before airing the story
  22. For them..that is surprisingly very good
  23. Oh you mean my avatar..one Mr. Cheatwood who created the greatness of 7 News back in 1989. Sir..sadly Mr. Cheatwood works for a competitor now since Scripps wouldnt take any of my ideas. I'll show them. [end sarcasm]
  24. those are impressive for 1997 for a market that size. Signature fits so well here.
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