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  1. I think part of the problem is that Nexstar...err...Mission hasn't fully acquired the station yet and I highly doubt Adell is working with Hulu and YTTV to get their channel on those two platforms as they have one foot out the door already.
  2. Looks like the logo is getting a slight tweak too.
  3. I have a feeling they will switch very soon. KDKA was tinkering with the studio backdrop to match the new graphics yesterday before they implemented the new graphics today. It's possible KYW has some bugs they need to work out first before they implement the new graphics.
  4. I don't think its as big of a deal now. You don't hear much about KDKA radio these days (the controversies died down the moment they canned Wendy), so the brand isn't as "toxic" as it was a few years back. Not to mention the KDKA-TV branding is a lot stronger than the radio branding these days so they were able to overcome any controversy from the radio side. I don't even know where Wendy is these days. She keeps bouncing around different radio stations in Pittsburgh that have a much weaker signal compared to AM 1020. She's basically an obscure nobody these days.
  5. I dunno. WPVI tried to replace MCTYW with a modernized version of it and we saw how that turned out. Both WPVI and WABC are number 1 in their markets respectively. They have less of an incentive to rebrand like the struggling CBS O&Os do.
  6. They've getting a new newsroom. I have a feeling whenever they publicly reveal the new newsroom is when the rebranding will take place.
  7. Also sounds like the theme won't change either based on that small bit we heard.
  8. I'm sure Sinclair is thrilled to hear about this.
  9. I wonder if this has anything to do with it? https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/nbc-to-launch-daytime-national-news-program-in-former-days-of-our-lives-timeslot/511965/
  10. Not to mention that Hearst's graphics hub is based out of WESH so that station is going nowhere.
  11. Between him and Gary Amble retiring at KCTV. One has to wonder when Brian Busby at KMBC will do the same.
  12. Figured that would happen eventually. WDVM had already been trying to expand their coverage into the DC suburbs.
  13. Looks like they're using the Fox News package for their lower thirds.
  14. Shortly after being purchased by Gray, KMOV is planning to move out of its longtime home in downtown St. Louis. Most likely moving to suburban Maryland Heights (same suburb KTVI/KPLR are in). https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/columns/joe-holleman/kmov-plans-to-leave-downtown-st-louis-eyeing-maryland-heights-area/article_6b8252a1-daba-52fa-ab23-a7187370ea4f.html
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