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  1. The new slogan is based on what people say when watching—“For the love of Chicago, turn it to channel 7!”
  2. The 1999 WABC cut might not be the perfect choice for KABC, but I think it’s a lot better than what they had been using.
  3. WTAE is pretty much the only station putting in any effort. KDKA or “CBS NEWS PITTSBURGH” is coasting on its heritage and the effects of Apollo are evident in the product WPXI is putting out.
  4. I always thought Dan would have been a great replacement for Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning.
  5. Jamie Apody’s departure is official. https://www.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/news/2024/04/26/jamie-apody-departing-6abc-after-months-off-air.amp.html
  6. In Baltimore (like Pittsburgh) the Hearst station is the only operation with a helicopter. The impact on the Key Bridge coverage is glaring. How long until CBS sees the error of its ways?
  7. If I remember correctly, Chuck didn’t do much to move the needle at WNBC. It was the addition of Sue and their pairing that made 4 a ratings contender.
  8. And this is supposed to be an update?
  9. Welp so much for Y&R and B&B getting canned and NBC Waiting Room News being the future. CBS has a new soap in development.
  10. CBS O&Os that were formerly Group W stations tend to outperform their CBS peers. While WCBS seems to have stabilized over the past few years, WBBM is blown up every few years in favor of the next best thing that will turn things around and in LA they threw in the towel on KCBS in favor of KCAL.
  11. Being on set makes such a huge difference—the show is better.
  12. Pittsburgh’s WPCW is set to be branded as KDKA+. Seems contradictory to the push to deemphasize legacy brands. With Neeraj Khemlani out the door, does this mean the end of “CBS News+City” branding? How long until Eyewitness News returns to KYW? https://triblive.com/aande/movies-tv/tv-talk-channel-19-to-re-brand-as-kdka-change-call-letters/
  13. My guess is it will mostly be a two person broadcast with Nydia continuing on weekends.
  14. Talk about throwing your career away….
  15. Was moving NN to 1A deliberate or just a result of there being no room in 30 Rock?
  16. Days hasn’t gone to Peacock to die. It’s one of Peacock’s most streamed series if not the most. And the show that replaced it on NBC is pulling 500,000 less viewers than Days.
  17. I don’t know that it’s fair to through WCBS in the same category as KCBS and WBBM. I think they’ve worked hard at recovering from the 1996 massacre and having become a competitor again. The new music may work for some stations, but it’s too light for New York. It’s why WABC has stuck with the 1999 version of the Eyewitness News theme. The version KABC uses is way too light for NYC.
  18. Michael Steele, Tim Miller, and Susan DelPircio are a few of the Republican contributors to MSNBC panels. Don’t forget 6 hours of their weekday schedule are lead by Republicans (Joe/4 and Nicolle/2).
  19. Maybe they’re preparing for Gayle’s eventual defection to CNN?
  20. Based on promos airing today, KDKA is not rebranding.
  21. Ctfu at the suggestion the station group that is consistently #1 would follow suit of the perennial bottom-dweller. It’d be like Walmart following Kmart’s lead
  22. Looks like 5th hour of Today isn’t pulling the numbers Days did.
  23. I can’t imagine an ABC O&O rolling out a cluster like this. Imagine if Disney wasn’t forced to divest KCAL when it bought CapCities. Eyewitness News is a recognizable brand. Eyewitness News on ABC7 and Eyewitness News on KCAL9. What CBS is doing now isn’t that different than their attempt with the Newscentral branding. It’s just CBS never sticks with anything.
  24. KNTV never was able to settle on a number (3/11). WVIT is 30. It’s a bit different with KPIX 5.
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