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  1. I think as long as it makes money CBS will be happy. Sounds like they may have a solid financial footing. The stars will likely not be commanding the same amount of money as “The Talk”. Nor the more establish soaps.
  2. Significantly cheaper using a green screen. Less space needed, fewer stage hands. I assume the set used for Christmas is in storage the rest of the year.
  3. Surprising giving this is a major marker.
  4. The helicopter went down at 2002 and they didn’t receive it was missing until 2250. I don’t know who dropped the ball, surely someone would have tracked it or know how long they’d be out.
  5. It’s underwhelming. Basically they redid the floors, replaced the desk, hid the weather center with a monitor wall, and added a monitor wall on the back wall? Am I missing anything? I understand there’s only so much you can do at times but their set IMO was fine as is. I wonder if this was an update done by the station with money the had or the O&O office had them freshen it up.
  6. It makes sense - given NBC is unifying logos and fonts among network.
  7. It’s not necessary. The program is going out in widescreen. However, many HDTVs like old analog TVs have overscan. This can be turned off but most people don’t know how to change it. So it’s best to keep most graphics 14:9 safe.
  8. That is pretty darn impressive. Is YouTube the only method of distributing these videos either Live or recorded? Just for privacy reasons I’d suggest deleting the past.
  9. Had a does it look like Denver?
  10. Maybe it’s been mentioned but I didn’t know realize it until now, Bloomberg previously had 2 channels a FAST simulcast called Bloomberg UHD+ and then recently the HD feed went to the same layout. I thought they were just downscaling the UHD feed, however almost all the content save for the indices are different they both have the TV schedule pop up but HD seemed more detailed on interview guests than UHD. The news on UHD is more of a paragraph contrasted to the HD which has bullet points
  11. Sorry, I’m a bit late. I would recommend checking out antennaweb.org they list the stations you should get based on your address and antennas are colour coded by type.
  12. Then set ”upgrade” looks beautiful.
  13. I like the TV ticker best, the different colors of the new one look odd with the color palette.
  14. From what I’ve been told Telemundo likes to dabble in VR. Al Rojo Vivo I think initially when they moved to the Telemundo Center they rebuilt the set I believe the large curved wall for ARV in the home shot is a green screen as was the corner where the host would sit at a see through table.
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