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  1. WTSP's last four months as an ABC affiliate, then the switch to CBS 12/12/94. I think the woodgrain on the newsdesk reminded me of a school desk. LOL.
  2. This set was used by WTSP from Sept. 1994-April 2001. Also used by KCBS, KSTW, KPTV. Mixed opinions: It offered a variety of backdrops and a projection screen behind the sports anchor. The duratrans "10" behind the anchors was eyecatching. I felt like the newsdesk took up too much space. Maybe it was the faux woodgrain? By 2000, it was looking outdated as the other stations had upgraded their news sets.
  3. Always liked this set, used by WTSP from 1988-1992, there was also an interview set that mirrored the look here. Also used by WPBF and WALA, maybe a few others.
  4. More from Florida...WCPX newscast from 1987:
  5. WTSP noon newscast from 1991 with Jineane Ford (later of KPNX) and Al Ruechel. The "NewsCenter 10" era.
  6. WXFL "Team 8 Spirit" promo from Oct. 1983:
  7. WTSP "Action News" at noon with Dennis Roper, Jim Menard (weather) and Rick Schwartz (sports) from 1982:
  8. WBNS weekend news open, March 1994. A new set debuted that December along with new graphics and a 'techno' news theme as I call it:
  9. WTVT "SkyTower Radar" construction promo 1987:
  10. WAVE-TV Louisville promo from 1982 with an unknown theme:
  11. Yeah, that was about the only thing 'new' on the tape. But there are apparently other demo tapes that will be posted.
  12. Sounds like a bunch of examples of separate packages. Is there anything 'revealed' here?
  13. Clip of John Lennon doing the weather at WPVI in 1975 and shots of the "Action News" studio with a strange anchor desk:
  14. I remember their website from back in 2001. It had this super cool 'techno' track playing in the background.
  15. WTOG "Tampa Bay Tonight" newsbreak with Kathryn Bursch, who was later with WTSP
  16. WDTN news open, used from 1976-78, according to a comment:
  17. WTVT, just weeks before the affiliation switch in 1994. The station made changes to on-air graphics earlier that year.
  18. Clips of WFLA's "tabloid" era from 1994:
  19. WCMH from 1980. With the "Theme from Rocky"?!
  20. Part of a WFLA newscast from 1976 (!) with anchor and news director Joe Mannion, Paul Catoe with weather, and Milt Spencer on sports. The closing theme is from the NBC Background Library. No open was included.
  21. Another ABC affiliate that used Ernie Anderson. Also, KTVK's news director at the time was Cecil Tuck, brother of Michael Tuck of San Diego fame and Gene Tuck from KTVI and KSAT.
  22. WTVT (CBS) promos and news update from Sept. 1993, just prior to the arrival of anchor John Wilson:
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