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  1. YTTV is also showing WPHL's logo with the CW logo tacked on alongside the now former WPSG "CW Philly" logo
  2. I had read that the weekend editions of the "News NOW" centralized newscasts had been discontinued but was surprised to see that KYW didn't revert to a local half-hour and instead dropped news altogether. The belief is that once the CBS stations drop The CW, they'll be adding more newscasts, so I'm optimistic that come Fall weekend news will be back. I always preferred their half-hour option at 10.
  3. I wouldn’t exactly say they “lost control” of their sister stations, but they did certainly lose valuable local news real estate. I’m also surprised those weekend editions haven’t been replaced with local newscasts, at least not yet. If we’re to believe what we read, local newscasts will likely be back (perhaps even doubled) on those sister stations, but we don’t know for sure to what level. Perhaps they’re waiting to re-add weekend newscasts if/when the full news expansions take place after the CW is dropped. Most people are under the impression that these sister operations will follow something of a KCAL route (who are heavy in news all morning and evening) but I’d imagine how many new newscasts are added will really vary by market.
  4. It's tacky and gross. Incredible to think how both Nexstar and Scripps both basically executed the same plan launching news networks, but with such starkly different products.
  5. As was expected. Overall, no big adjustments in shuffling syndicated fare out of 8-10pm and plugging in CW content, but I do wonder if Nexstar will make any attempts at expanding the in-house news department into non-traditional slots for the area (11am hour, 1-3pm, the 7pm hour). Going up against Good Day and the national morning shows is a tall task, this could provide additional news exposure with no (or just one other newscast) competition.
  6. It's the new silent 3 of CBS Philadelphia and CBS News Philadelphia. Screenshots and video are in the O&O graphics thread
  7. It's a wrap on the Eyewitness News era today as the full "CBS News Philadelphia" brand and (green!) graphics have launched today
  8. WPSG did have graphics that leaned neon green for their "Wake Up News" show after the switch from UPN to the CW
  9. I was thinking the green (IF the gfx actually end up being green) could have at least two meanings- one being the obvious Eagles connotation, harboring the city's affinity for the team, the other being the positive connotation of the term "green" in modern parlance. Also given the sheer size of the 3 in some of the new promos (even though I much prefer it's smaller usage in place of the "box" in the new logo), as has been said- it's definitely a testament to the "channel 3, channel 6, channel 10" mentality of the market. Aside from potential usage in the graphics and maybe on screens in the studio, I doubt the word "three" will be mentioned much, if at all, but for hardcore old-school Philadelphia viewers, just SEEING a three will perhaps help bridge that gap between the outgoing and the incoming.
  10. Word from the Discord is that Jim Donovan confirmed in his daily Facebook live this morning that the new look will be debuting on KYW tomorrow at noon
  11. The CBS Philly Vimeo has posted a few new imaging spots featuring a green theme and the new logo, that along with the fact that tv listings haven't reverted back to using the "Eyewitness News" name this week may point to something imminent (unless the user has actual inside info).
  12. Someone posted on the discord that KYW's Monday newscasts are (once again) showing CBS News Philadelphia. Maybe a double launch on Monday with WCCO? We'll see!
  13. I had to pull up the CBS Philly Vimeo because that screenshot felt like an April fool's prank. That 3 is... ridiculous. Absurd. Positively goofy. Also- it flies in the face of the "CBS Local News" rebranding and minimizing the old branding. The three is loose! No box, and towering over the "CBS News Philadelphia" logo. Presumably it will be boxed when the graphics ultimately relaunch, but I don't like what I'm seeing.
  14. The latest forecast posted at https://6abc.com/weather/ shows the new graphics, Brittany Boyer mentioned it toward the end of the weather cast, specifically when she pulled up the 7-day forecast. Speaking firmly from the “how dare they re-record MCTYW with an orchestra” camp, it does feel weird to see the 7-day displayed horizontally as opposed to the traditional WPVI vertical, but I like the new look overall. Walter even made mention after the segment how when he started at WPVI, they were still using their physical Velcro weather graphics
  15. I somewhat surprised (and annoyed) that KDKA got the revamp before KYW. KYW seems to be teetering on the edge of relaunching but, for whatever reason, hasn't yet.
  16. I appreciate KDKA keeping their color scheme- SOMETHING to differentiate the standardized graphics locally.
  17. This question now is whether Judge Mathis 2.0 will feature re-enacted/scripted cases like the others in the Allen Court stable.
  18. This is my cue to pop in and say I adored the Jodi Appelgate experiment, and I'd stream it almost every night in Philly. Bring back "The Day In PIX"!
  19. News branding aside, it'd be incredibly shocking if they were to completely dissolve KCAL's identity. Look at all the FOX duopolies- the sister stations each took the name of (all together now...) the more dominant brand. However, we each know about as much as the next person regarding the situation, which is to say- we know nothing, aside from what we're independently inferring from articles. None of us know, for sure, which O&O is relaunching next. KCBS/KCAL could absolutely swap out logos and VO's in a year's time (though the concept of "transitional mic flags" seems a bit far fetched). What I know since moving here nearly two years ago is I developed a preference for KCBS, I love that they finally combined newscasts instead of having separate branding, and Pat Harvey is an absolute legend.
  20. We only subscribe to Spectrum internet in Los Angeles, but our Spectrum credentials allow access to the Spectrum News app (and all Spectrum News channels nationwide)
  21. KYW has relaunched morning news on WPSG- they're now airing the 7am hour that recently began airing online
  22. Yes, but KCAL and KPIX only have the call letters in the box, not the presumably-soon-to-be-discontinued eye/number logo
  23. This was something I was curious about when the delay was announced- whether or not it would apply to station TV apps. Are there any other Nexstar TV apps? Didn't KRON roll one out a few years back? The next question would be if the apps use geolocation to restrict streaming to within the market proper.
  24. That ship has long since sailed (as much as I hate to say it). CBS O&O, NBC O&O, FOX O&O, TENGA, Scripps, Sinclair- they've all long since sent a station's uniqueness, for the most part, out the window. The biggest nail in the coffin was arguably the CBS definitely-not-a-mandate, but the death knell was the FOX O&O box kite standardization. Prior to that, most O&O's were doing their own interpretation of the FOX BOX side-by-side logo with varying color schemes, themes, and graphics. But in the era of hubbing and downsizing, the cookie cutter has come to rule the day.
  25. Consolidated branding was long overdue. Same personnel, same facility (maybe not the same set, but it is now), same content for the most part. With this relaunch I'm learning that KCAL has always had better name recognition, but it could have easily been "CBS 2 news on KCAL 9" up until this point. KCBS should have (and should now) be running promos similar to the "KCAL 9 is now KCAL News" spots touting "CBS 2 is now CBS Los Angeles". I feel like that aspect is still flying under the radar. I agree that "The Desk" is coming across as a bit overused, but I can see it from the angle that they're "constantly monitoring news, always bringing the latest information, etc." With approximately 95 hours of news to fill in a day, how many times can they run the same flood package, or the same report that McCarthy lost the speaker vote again? This is a market where an entire newscast will be blown out to follow a car chase- this at least brings some variety.
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