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  1. I assume Brant is on vacation because he called in to support Pete on Sunday too. That said, Brant shouldn't have had to support Kevin and Isiha. Both should be capable of holding things down. For example, David and Mary Kay (who was at home/in FL) did an admirable job for WBBM. Kevin was fine, but Isiha was/is albatross for WMAQ's weather team.
  2. I've been bouncing around watching weather coverage tonight and couldn't help but notice how out of her element Scott is when it comes to breaking/severe weather coverage. Jeanes (and Brant calling in from home) have lead WMAQ's coverage most of the night. The very few times they went to Scott, she added next to nothing.
  3. What’s with the animated flames?? Is that really necessary???
  4. I noticed that Adriana was anchoring the Saturday edition of the CBS Weekend News from DC yesterday and the previous Saturday as well. Anyone know if she’s now based in DC (instead of Chicago)?
  5. Joe and Irika anchored the 10P newscast (last night). I believe they were the only station to call in their main anchors. Everyone else had their usual weekend anchor(s).
  6. Adriana Diaz lead CBS News coverage and was later joined by Robert Costa and Brennan (who both took over for her). It's possible both Norah and David lead their respective newscasts tomorrow once more information becomes available.
  7. I’m surprised she took a position with Fox Weather. Being forced out at WFLD/Fox 32 should have been a warning sign to never work with Fox again. Guess the position was too good to pass up.
  8. If their only choice was the KCAL set, then they should have either waited until they could get the set that they wanted or, at the very least, placed the weather center on the other side to not block any windows. Plus, that would have opened up opportunities to use those 3 vertical tv monitors (for more than just sports) and, if positioned properly, the big tv monitor used for weather (I.e… making it multi-purpose). Correction: The green screen IS retractable, nevertheless, the weather center should be of the other side.
  9. While I am glad they're back in the street side studio, they wasted an opportunity to do something grand and did the bare minimum. Unlike with WLS, WBBM has no obstructions to deal with and could have built something that fit the space. It's as if zero thought was made and someone simply said...hey..let's 'build a set two other stations already have' with a massive (and unnecessary) weather center and call it a day. And don't get me started on the graphics. They had a chance to fix the mistake they made the first time around (of not taking the opportunity to modify them color-wise, etc...) and instead double doink and added 'stars' for good measure.
  10. Ryan moved back to Sports. It’s just Audrina and Dana in the mornings now. Not sure if anyone else will help support them (no morning anchor(s) position(s) have been posted as of today).
  11. With the advent of streaming, one could argue local tv news ratings don't really matter as much as they once did. WBBM, WMAQ, WLS and WFLD all have streaming channels which serve as revenue generators along with their respective linear channel. Plus, people are pretty set in who they watch that there's not much (if anything) anyone can do to change that.
  12. I agree that there’s opportunity to do something along that back wall. Every inch of space was utilized previously, so there’s no reason why they couldn’t do the same thing now. The weather center is where it was previously. However, there is a weather office (off camera) that can be seen from the main windows. If I remember correctly, that space didn’t exist previously.
  13. I would bet they make some tweaks here and there moving forward, but I like what I see overall.
  14. Not sure what the thought process is here. Why create a massive hole in the mornings just to fill a sports position that you could have lived without (for a couple of months)?
  15. Not surprising given Milwaukee is hosting the RNC convention in a couple of weeks. WFLD ‘may’ bring back ‘The Ten’ or a M-F version of ‘Paris on Politics’ when Chicago hosts the DNC convention.
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