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  1. It's interesting that they went with the sports reporter from WCVB instead of their NBC 10 Boston station. I'm just pointing this out here.
  2. They said AMPTP is doing okay?!? Just make the deals that need to be made and get the hell out of your way NOW! CBS has given up on Late Night with this move. At this point, give the station the option to do news until Midnight and push late-night shows back 30 minutes until the strike is done... (ABC could push Nightline first at 11:35 pm or do this plan at this point) But with this move, Late Night is Dead and You can L out of Lover because it's OVER!
  3. That is exactly what it feels like to me here. They were going to fight... Till they realize that it would be cheaper to merge and have a way to bring in way more cash then it currently does!
  4. Boy oh Boy, CBS pretty much dropped The CW over LIV Golf because of their friendship and dealings with the PGA Tour and they pulled this move and now CBS has 8 indies because of the PGA and being loyal to them. Man, if you are Paramount you are Pissed but Nexstar wins again in a weird way... they just keep ending up in situations where they should have the hugest Ls but end up getting a W for some weird stroke of luck or fortune that nobody sees or notices till it happens.
  5. I'm thinking we could have a Strike Trifecta of Screen Actors Guild (Actors) as their contract expires June 30th, DGA (Directors) and WGA (Writers) all on strike this summer. Media isn’t moving much this summer because if those three go on strike might as well turn off the lights then.
  6. That 3 is real as there is some station swag that someone posted on this site showing that exact 3.
  7. So they are returning on DirecTV’s Terms. I know it is completely different but it seems also the reason why Nexstar is broadcasting their news on Delay as well. As much as we knock, Stirr and these ON Demand Streaming things for Local Stations that is a good thing compared to being held hostage by Cable Stations.
  8. And that is not even counting that WSYX is also #1 at 5pm and 6pm as well. Columbus is starting to get interesting now.
  9. Plus when you have 2,3,4 and 7 as your big 4 just in a short turn... it works out for the viewer and CBS as well. It get rid of your 62 problem and also solves a major issue CBS has in that market in Detroit: Visibility of your product. It's literally the Boston NBC 10 situation but in a situation where it makes perfect sense for them to do it in this case and it is a gain for everyone.
  10. Then tell WSYX that.... They been pretty damn successful doing that. A logo ain't going to make or break a news operation... Content however will make or break it.
  11. That would be a great thing for Lima. They need more choices than Block up there in that part of the state.
  12. Probably won't be getting that at all. Mainly is just wait and see at this point... but I would say this, don't expect any MAJOR graphic changes until December or January for any graphics wise. There won't be any changes in sweeps months November, February, May and July.
  13. That is correct starting next year FOX got Noon Marquee game, CBS the 3:30 slot in 2024 they will have Big Ten and SEC games next year in 2023. NBC will have the Big Ten Primetime game. Ask NBC about that one. They want The Big Ten in Prime Time. Also to add to my previous comment with how some in the SNL cast is talking and with this happening in 2023… I’m thinking season 50 might be the wrap for SNL more and more.
  14. And that will be down to only CBS as they are Launching "Big Ten Saturday Night" Football in the fall next season.
  15. Sounds good till you realize the same company that owns that Big 4also owns That FOX or CW in the market as well. It is the situation at a lot more stations then you think or even realize and while the sentiment is in the right place the reality says it isn’t correct.
  16. That logo has been floating recently but today is it big coming out party for the look.
  17. Maybe or How CBS has success with game shows… maybe something there. But I could easily see CBS giving the 12:30 to stations and launching a CBS Afternoon News thing if this NBC thing works.
  18. That is major because the writing is on the wall for soaps. Networks wants to get out that business and more into the daytime news business. If you are CBS or ABC you are looking if this moves works for NBC because if it does…. Goodbye Soaps!
  19. If they were going to do that they had the chance over 25 years ago when NBC owned WCMH. They could have moved and become a indie long ago as well but that is not their Main Objective at all. Marquee fit what they want a station that focus on Zanesville. WBNS and WSYX/WTTE signal could get to Zanesville but could they pull a WNKY situation and have Zaneville for the first time a whole lot of network channels. I see that coming before any other of these other predictions. Marquee aren't afraid to up the quality of the newscast and boy do WHIZ-TV needs it. My eyes actually turns to the radio side. Will 102.5FM end up with Radio One outright? Will any other Station move into Columbus? That is where I see the move in possibilities happening at. It is easier to move a radio stick then a full power TV station stick.
  20. That train had left the station a few comments ago.
  21. Reading between the lines here, The WHIZ ownership wants it to be a Zanesville Station mainly. No Moving it Closer to Columbus or anything like that. Marquee could do that but it is used to Small-Town stations. They want WHIZ to survive as a NBC affiliate in Zanesville.
  22. And they said WGCL and WPCH wasn't Grey's Flagship stations... This is looking like they are going to make a force in the ATL!
  23. Welp, play stupid games get stupid prizes, Chris Cuomo.
  24. If you are a station that has Dr. Oz on like at 3pm or so... I would consider a 4pm Newscast so freaking fast!
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