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  1. WNDU's 16 News Now logo has been changed to the new version that doesn't include the NBC Peacock on wndu.com.
  2. https://www.cbsnews.com/chicago/news/harry-porterfield-obituary/
  3. I saw the new WLBT news open and yes, the skyline for the open is fake.
  4. I'm watching WBBM's 11:00am newscast and the station started using the updated ticker that looks similar to KPIX and KOVR.
  5. They did an excellent job with those news graphics packages, especially with the graphics for WBBM and WREG.
  6. Just turned on my mother's TV and saw the new graphics at WLS. I think that WLS now uses Gari's Eyewitness News music package full time and the Stimulus news music package appears to be retired.
  7. After KOVR switched to the new graphics, all of the CBS O&O stations are now using the new graphics and Dimensional by Antfood. The old graphics and the CBS Enforcer news music package by Gari has been retired.
  8. I just tuned in and checked out WBBM's 5:00pm newscast and noticed that they switched from the WCBS/KCBS version of the CBS 2 logo to WBBM's version in the logo bug.
  9. Just tuned in to WBBM after 6:00pm. The station still uses the original CBS 2 logo in the news opens, but uses the KCBS/WCBS version of the CBS 2 logo in the logo bug.
  10. I noticed the changes in the city label fonts on the radar map. WBBM is about to switch to the new graphics package.
  11. It's great to know, and welcome to TVNT!
  12. WTOK switched to the new graphics and had a major building renovation and technology upgrade. The station now uses the Momentum News music package by Non-Stop Music. https://www.wtok.com/2021/11/08/wtok-switches-new-system/
  13. I will check out their 5:00 evening newscast and the 9:00 evening newscast as well. I might tune in to see the morning news tomorrow on Fox 32, just in case if they start using Beyond on the other newscasts.
  14. I tuned in to Fox 32 at Noon and I heard the Beyond news music package by Stephen Arnold Music in their news open and bumpers now, but the station is still using the Fox O&O News Theme by OSI Music in some teasers.
  15. I'm still waiting for WFLD to pick up the new Fox O&O news music package.
  16. WAPT also used the camera graphics in 2001
  17. I've noticed yesterday that they bought the weather information in the logo bug graphics back.
  18. Good thing is that WBBM didn't use the KCBS or WCBS logos in their new graphics
  19. Yes, I understand. But I didn't get a chance to see the news open, but I'll catch the new open at 6:00. I also like how they did with the new 10-day forecast graphics, it's pretty nice to me since the other stations currently uses the 7-day forecast weather graphics.
  20. I just turned on the news and noticed the new graphics on NBC 5. I wonder did they keep the current news music too?
  21. I tuned in to CBS2, and there it is, the gold CBS2 logo is being used... wonder if it is part of the Super Bowl or what?
  22. Are they trying to go back to the FOX Chicago branding or what? What is going on here? Why do they removed the FOX 32 logo from the news set? I need to start back watching FOX 32 News to see the changes...
  23. I cannot believe this is the end of the 11:00am newscasts from ABC7 News. I find it illegitimate, because when it comes to the Nielsen ratings, I think that CBS2 or WGN News may be #1 in midday news at the 11:00am time slot, sometime in the future. I think Sylvia and Linda may report the news when Windy City Live go into commercial breaks, so we will see if any breaking news stories may occur during the midday...
  24. I've been watching news videos on their website, those old mic flags they have been using is being phased out for the new ABC7 mic flags.
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