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  1. Did WPIX pick up the Yankee games? On their website about page says “In addition, PIX11 is the first New York over-the-air station to carry both the Mets and Yankees at the same time in their history. PIX11 has been the broadcast home of the New York Mets since 1999, and broadcast home of the Yankees since 2015.”
  2. This only my opinion based on what I saw when she. On PIX - she seemed uncomfortable with the small talk banter with the others - not that she had a problem with the others she work with - Betty is a accomplished journalist and this type of fluff talk was going to hurt her credibility that she earned - nobody at fault, just a bad fit for all involved
  3. I Don’t think this news - why would they use the traffic set from a year ago?
  4. WPIX occupies two floors of the Daily News building the second an the tenth The tenth floor has the newsroom the new small aux studio’s that does the NewsNation Cuomo and Abrams show as well as wpix New York living and traffic reports The second floor originally had the newsroom (before it moved to 10th floor) and the main studio With th reconstruction, the a main studio was overhauled and the space where the newsroom was is now the new studio for NewsNation (plus control room)
  5. It is the same studio. Just a different camera angle. \ second picture is where the NewsNation will be
  6. The facts are these: tv stations want more retransmission fees and cable is losing subscribers. Cable needs some help in ririberjustifying paying higher rate and stop the subscriber bleeding. In any case cable will be screwed in the couple of years with the advancements of ATSC3.0 - OTA broadcaster will be easier to receive and Tv will be able offer internet service, cell phone and other data products, even on demand, localized advertisements .so the cable sees the future and it is not good. Cable will go away like landline telephones
  7. The main studio for both WPIX and NewsNation has been under construction since last June, so maybe it will finished by April - currently Abrams and Cuomo are done in the WPIX auxiliary studio
  8. Based on the studio design renderings of the new WPIX setup, the KTLA set is a precursor of what to expect at WPIX - very similar
  9. As Weeters as noted in Discord - I should add that, these plans don't have any drawings for the actual sets Here are the plans
  10. I really would like to see minor league baseball or baseball from other countries - watch these young hungry players develope into major leaguers - and there would be a way to make profitable - sports betting on who would make it to the majors - also I would make the games regional and maybe year round
  11. How about minor league baseball?
  12. What I don’t understand is that they keep boasting that they have the news resources of all their station. Here in NYC, PIX broke in with a bulletin, why not show that? In fact to make it look like a NN bulletin, put the reader in front of a green screen with a NN background for the national, and a local branding for the station
  13. Nexstar is also doing a major deconstruction/construction of the WPIX studios for local and NN programs - probably would have the same high tech video walls as NN Chicago
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