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  1. With Rhiannon soon to be going out on maternity leave (She's due end of January) WFOR should redo their promo for Walter and do something along the lines of "Catch Walter Makaula with Summer Knowles on CBS 4 News this morning beginning January 20th." Yes Rhiannon is the main morning anchor, but I'm guessing she'll be gone before Walter even makes his on air debut.
  2. WFOR livestreams all of their newscasts on the weekdays the 5 - 7a, the noon, the 5, 6 & 11p shows although the reception is cruddy. I believe they are the only ones who actually does.
  3. I can see that happening as that would mean Rhiannon and her husband would have at least somewhat the same schedule. Her husband is Mike Marza who currently co-anchors WSVN's 4 & 6:30 PM newscasts and reports for the 5, 6 10 & 11 newscasts.
  4. I would consider PIX11 the more fun station over like say WNBC, WABC, WCBS which are more serious stations. And who knows they are probably looking for someone. Why do they even need a sports anchor anyway just let a reporter read the sports or something.
  5. Just now noticed this, but was watching the 5 PM newscast, and Tom & Shiba were still sitting at the desk when they tossed to Chuck & Sibila who are sitting at a different desk. Is this something new for the 6 PM newscast?
  6. Well actually Rihannon isn't due until January or February of next year, and Lissette is due sometime in the spring. The only one who will be gone by christmas time is Natalia. As for filling in Summer is already there and I'm sure Marybel will fill in for Rihannon until she comes back, and someone else can do Lissettes duties when she leaves to go have her baby.
  7. Must be something in the water at the CBS stations because 3 of the ladies at WFOR the CBS station in Miami are pregnant. Rihannon Ally - Morning Anchor (5 months), Lissette Gonzalez - Morning Meteorologist (3 months) & Natalia Zea - Morning Reporter (6 months)
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