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  1. some have suggested they should end since something bad will happen with a million people in unsecured areas like a Boston police commissioner and some pundits
  2. they could stream the annual 700 Club begathon, but I'm sure many of it's viewers are as techphobic as they are homophobic
  3. wouldn't be surprised if the 700 Club got the most viewers on Freeform, and they probably aren't even the target audience
  4. so how are Spectrum customers supposed to watch the annual 700 Club begathon now without Freeform? or did they stop watching after Pat Robertson retired?
  5. can't people sleep in a little longer with remote work?
  6. will they ever add 5.1 audio to ESPN+?
  7. not in the near future, maybe within the next decade, but how much would they have to charge to make up for the cable subscribers who they get the $ from that never watch?
  8. don't think the viewers of the Colbert or Fallon are interested in Gutfeld or anything else on FNC
  9. what sports would be available except maybe local high school and small colleges?
  10. https://www.baldwin.senate.gov/news/press-releases/us-senator-tammy-baldwins-go-pack-go-act-makes-sure-all-wisconsinites-can-watch-packers-game-broadcasts
  11. they plan breaks during what they expect are slow news periods
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