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  1. Sidebar: This actually reminds me of the joke Bob Barker would make on TPIR whenever a contestant would take too long to do something (or if they spun the big wheel so hard, it spins around for a longer time than usual): "We're going to have to cancel Young & Restless today!" or variations thereof. It used to always confuse me when I was a kid, knowing that in Atlanta, the news comes on directly after TPIR, not Y&R. Of course, I know now he was referring to the West Coast timeslots.
  2. Another thing to consider, specifically in the case of B&B, because I think we tend to think of things only in terms of how it affects us ("us" being those in the United States): The Bold and the Beautiful is one of the most-watched shows on tv internationally, which is where I think it makes its money. I even read someplace that Bold has more viewers on a daily basis in Italy (where it's known simply as Beautiful) than here in the States. It's also very popular in Australia, I believe, evidently pulling in higher ratings there than the homegrown Neighbours which was cancelled not too long ago. I would agree that if it relied chiefly on U.S. audiences, it would've gotten the ax a long time ago, unfortunately. But, its international presence is what's propping it up. Perhaps it might make the move to Paramount+ someday for U.S. audiences, but as long as the show is making money via international broadcasts and licensing and what not, it's probably not going to really go anywhere anytime soon, even it's not necessarily broadcast OTA on CBS.
  3. I could see it more like this (These are based on Eastern Time) 10am - Deal 11am - Price 12pm - Local News 12:30pm - "CBS Afternoons with Natalie Morales" (Because everyone else is doing it...also, this is just a hypothetical) 1:00pm - Y&R 2:00pm - B&B 2:30pm - The Gates (I assume this will have a 30 minute runtime if this goes to fruition.) That way they squeeze in a new daytime news program - making the noon hour like a daytime version of the 6:00 hour with Local/CBSEN w NOD -and add a new soap. And Natalie gets moved to a new role with The Talk being eliminated.
  4. On a semi-random note (a thought brought on by Mayim Bialik's ousting at Jeopardy), it's kind of interesting that we're well past the era of "career" Game Show Hosts. Like, the days of having Bob Barker, Alex Trebek, Bill Cullen, Wink Martindale, Tom Kennedy, etc are behind us now and it's really a shame. It's like they now throw in someone from some other medium to be game show hosts now, like comedians, actors and sports personalities. Like we now have Michael Strahan (sports) on Pyramid. Steve Harvey (comedian) on Family Feud. "Blossom" was (partially) the host of Jeopardy. Do you think we'll ever see game shows go back to a model of having hosts that specialize in game shows?
  5. It took me a moment to realize you meant Warner Bros. Television, and not Charlotte's CBS Affiliate.
  6. Yeah, I've mentally visualized it just that way. The usual "sights and sounds" shots and then the "graphic wall" flies in right after MCTYW hits that long note.
  7. Yeah, overall, I think this is an attractive package for the group, if not the most original. (Influences of both Fox and ABC’s new O&O packages are definitely apparent here.). One thing I’d like to see in the future is the ability to adjust colors and fonts to make it more unique on a station-by-station basis. The only place I think it’s potentially a downgrade is at WFTV, as the now-previous package was very nice. At the same time, it was getting long in the tooth too, so I can understand the change. And I also hope WSB goes all in on it soon, so there can finally be a cohesive aesthetic there because with the “old” opening and weather graphics (which don’t even match each other, let alone the new package) still in place, it looks like even more of a hodgepodge than before.
  8. Might be a good idea to retitle this thread “CoxPollo New Graphics”, since this is certainly appearing to be a group-wide rollout. I just thought of something: This new package will fit WFXT like a glove.
  9. Another observation I just made. When we're getting the dual-anchor shot with the lower third, get rid of "Action News" underneath each of their names. It's redundant. I'll chalk this one up to first-day teething problems.
  10. Yeah, I'm watching right now and it's still a hodgepodge. This definitely looks to be further piecemealing of any sort of new look. At least it's a step in the right direction. Looks like the weather graphics are still the same as before. I'm also seeing some Fox O&O influences here too...
  11. I'm not loving the font, but in general, I'm like THANK GOODNESS!
  12. Those blue/yellow/orange stripes remind me so much of MARTA's (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) logo...
  13. Don't forget the late Don Farmer and Chris Curle from back in the day who both came from CNN in the 80's.
  14. I don't mind the use of icons with the backdrop. Just not those icons.
  15. Ah cool. WDSU was the last time I saw him so didn't know he moved.
  16. What is up with these soap actors getting jobs as news anchors? First Charles Divins (Chad on "Passions") gets a job anchoring mornings at WDSU, and later Spectrum News 1 Texas, and now this. Lowder is also part of the revolving door of the many Rick Forresters of "The Bold and the Beautiful".
  17. I honestly wish that the Soap Opera genre could make a comeback. Like, with some innovative talented writing like the good ole days, I'd like to see new soaps hit the networks. I actually even have an idea for one that takes place on a college campus, which I'd write just for fun if I had the chops for it. But I'm no Agnes Nixon, so... Wishful thinking, I know.
  18. Well, there's another unlocked childhood memory I completely forgot about...
  19. OMG, yes! BET has the longest commercial breaks on TV, I swear. I can’t even enjoy a movie when it airs on there. I think the block that used to be "The '90s Are All That" which eventually became NickRewind was the only reason TeenNick existed in the first place. It was the saving grace for the channel when everything else around it just screamed "A channel that exists only for filler." Even NickRewind succumbed to decay in its final year or so, to the point that the block - which was what got me interested in the '90s and the '80s in the first place - was a sad shell of its former self. Now, TeenNick is the home of "Henry Danger" and "AFV" reruns. Yup. The “90s” block and Degrassi was TeenNick/The N’s bread and butter back in the day.
  20. This part. Unfortunately the days of soaps written by the likes of Bill Bell, Agnes Nixon, Harding Lemay and Douglas Marland are long gone…
  21. As an aside, you know it's gotten bad when you're actually excited for the fact that over on B&B, Brooke and Taylor finally both kicked Ridge to the curb. The writers must've finally taken notice that we're sick of watching these two now-grandmothers battling each other over that man. 30+ years of it was more than enough.
  22. NBC basically gave the peacock a chemical peel and a little filler in the beak.
  23. Here's what can I see happening: Eventually, CBS drops WANF and moves to the station it already owns here, WUPA, and perhaps change the call letters to WCBA (CBS Atlanta/CBS News Atlanta), as the current WUPA calls are a reference to the long-defunct UPN. This will allow to WANF to run more news and operate it as a true news-heavy channel, since that seems to be the brand they're trying to go for anyway. And then CBS can essentially do what they're doing in Detroit and establish a legit locally-run news operation instead of the Dallas-produced newscasts they're airing currently. As for The CW, or what of it will exist at that time, Gray can sell WPCH (which essentially won't be "needed" once CBS leaves WANF) off to Nexstar and then that can basically become Atlanta's version of KTLA/WGN/WPIX, etc.
  24. This is why I wish Disney would just go ahead and buy Cox's "big" ABC stations, but with Bob Chapek in charge, that seems to be even more of a remote possibility. It'd be a win for them in all 4 markets. WSB: Top station in the Atlanta/North Georgia Market and Cox's flagship. Isn't this ABC's #1 top-rated affiliate in the country? WSOC: Once the top station in Charlotte, now a respectable 2nd. Could form synergy with WTVD in Raleigh. WFTV: They'll own a station in the area that serves Walt Disney World's location, further boosting their investment in Central Florida. WFAA: Every other network station in the Dallas/Fort Worth market is an O&O, so ABC might as well join the party and also form synergy with KTRK down in Houston.
  25. He spent some time here in Atlanta back in the mid-90s at WXIA alongside Angela Robinson during their brief "11 News (sans -Alive)" period. Saying this as a Black person: Yeah, in this day and age, this is pretty cringe and probably would've just been best not done, lest it got exactly the response that it did. But, seeing as the style of the wig itself was more evocative of Bob Ross, Gene Shalit, and Alex Trebek when he was the host of "High Rollers", rather than, say, a Don Cornelius fro, I don't think he meant any harm. It's one of those acting without thinking moments.
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