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  1. Checked the schedule, and its just 90 minutes of news, 6:30am, 6pm and 11pm. I'd assume its the bare minimum ABC asked the station for to remain an affiliate, but its the same ammount WNWO did before Sinclair did a mercy killing for the National Desk, back when they did news from WSBT's spare studios.
  2. While there'll be four black oriented networks come 2024 with the launch of The365 joining Bounce, TheGrio and the new Dabl, they're at least trying to stick out by being focused on shows with female leads. So while there may not be much variety right now with a schedule of 7 shows airing 7 days a week, I'd have to imagine that by the end of 2024, they'll offer a more diverse schedule by adding dramas and reality shows keeping with the black female lead motif.
  3. That's likely for use on both the ABC and NBC channels, which since the Gray buyout have both been called 21 Alive.
  4. That's probably when the last vestiges of Arrow-verse era graphics will fade away, and I was expecting them to be keeping them for the long haul given they're now implementing it to their imported shows. And I guess its also proof that Nexstar won't be changing CW's name after all.
  5. Nexstar could very well make The CW a major player amongst the other networks as early as tomorrow, but then all of the NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox stations Nexstar owns would be complaining that The CW is syphoning viewers away from them.
  6. I assume that within the next few weeks, they will be totally back to the pre-Licht graphics?
  7. Only problem to the game show hosts thing is that now much of the new crop of hosts are A-list actors likely with SAG-AFTRA. Would that result in several shows being shelved?
  8. Is there any word that CW will debut a new graphics package and music to fully distance themselves from the days of airing young adult and DC Comics dramas? I'm sure the logo and name of the network itself will remain the same. They've also branded a few of their improted shows as CW Originals. But what about the people who may have seen it before either from visits up north or from clips online. This is kinda like when NBC at the height of Must See TV marketed reruns with the tagline 'If you haven't seen it, its new to you'.
  9. Now we wait for Nexstar to announce something like, 'This fall, Great 38 is Tampa Bay's new home of the CW!'
  10. Nexstar will likely use it as the new home of WTTA's 8pm news, as its very likely they will join CW come this fall.
  11. Will Jeopardy even be able to keep going during a prolonged strike? Or will Season 40 have to be delayed till its over? I can see 4 weeks of reruns being filled by half-hour repeats of the Jeopardy Masters games, like how they reran the Greatest of All Time shows during the height of COVID. https://deadline.com/2023/05/writers-strike-jeopardy-mayim-bialik-1235359858/
  12. Interesting. I think the only way Morgan Murphy could reinstate 35 minute 11pm newscasts for KVEW & KAPP would be if Sinclair pulled KEPR & KIMAs in favor of National Desk.
  13. I would assume that some of the people starving for Late Night comedy will turn to that. Back when the 1988 writers strike put the Tonight Show and Late Night into reruns, Fox's Late Show stayed on air, with freelance comics Jeff Joseph and Jordan Mulrooney writing: Quick question, did the Joan Rivers and Arsenio Hall eras of the Late Show have WGA writers?
  14. I'm taking it upon myself to create the forum's official thread for discussion of the programming decisions affected by the 2023 Writers Strike, whether it be a few days or a few months. As expected, all late night shows will be airing reruns for an indefinite period of time, whether or not they can soon return without writers like in 2008 remains to be seen. https://deadline.com/2023/05/writers-strike-late-night-shows-to-shut-down-immediately-1235352054/ And in a move that was probably in the works before the strike, Dancing With the Stars is returning to ABC. https://deadline.com/2023/05/dancing-with-the-stars-moving-back-to-abc-1235353662/
  15. I'm surprised that the Tri-Cities stations have replaced Yakima ones as the originators of newscasts, instead of the other way around. How long has that been the case?
  16. I've gone through all of the Sinclair stations they own and found the stations that I most believe are on the bubble for being shut down in favor of syndie shows and The National Desk. KIMA & KEPR: The fact that Yakima was able to handle three newscasts for over 50 years is surprising, but surely Sinclair will think that makes the two stations expendable. A full shutdown of KIMA & KEPR's news could also allow KAPP & KVEW to expand their 11pm news back to 35 minutes. But at best, Sinclair could just end all of KEPR's stand alone newscasts and fully simulcast KIMA. KLEW: A real anamoly, as they're Lewiston & Clarkston's only commercial TV station. If there's not enough support from th viewers in those cities, it could be on the bubble. WGFL: Sure, this is done out of WPEC, but still, this is a good choice to quietly shut down considering WCJB owns the market, and to a lesser extent, WUFT. All they have is a 6 and 11pm newscast, which can easily be replaced by an extra Judge Judy rerun or Daytime Jeopardy, and The National Desk. KRCG: They may have a purpose, given how they're licensed to Jefferson City and provide a mostly Jefferson City focused newscast, but still, KOMU is the big leader here, with KMIZ likely second. KHGI: Yes, I find the venerable NTV as a station who's news is probably on the bubble, since most of their news goes out to rural towns and cities. A shutdown of KHGI for TND would also mean that KFXL's news would end up going to TND, and then Lincoln would have no 9pm newscast unless KOLN starts one for their CW channel. KTXS: Somehow, Abilene has 4 TV news operations, since Nexstar has run KRBC & KTAB as seperate stations. This would be a easy cut for that reason, along with the fact they have no midday newscast unlike KRBC & KTAB. Incidentally, their CW channel is already carrying the morning and primetime National Desk broadcasts. KEYE: Be honest, can Austin really handle 4 news operations, especially in the midst of a Fox O&O in KTBC? To add to this, they don't have a noon or 4pm newscast, unlike KTBC and KXAN. And said noon slot is occupied by reruns of Modern Family. KEYE does have the city's only 6:30pm newscast, but that can't be doing well against ET, TMZ and WoF. KMTR: I'm surprised that Sinclair didn't fully merge KMTR and KVAL's newscasts after Newport sold KMTR off in 2012 to Fisher, and then bought the two. Their newscasts however have been produced out of the KMTR studios since 2020, so in my eyes it seems expendable. In addition, I can see Sinclair blowing up the outsourced newscasts on WMSN, KDSM and KRXI in favor of TND, as well as the newscasts on KCVU, KJZZ, WCWN, and WTVX, as well KBOI, WHP, WWMT and KIMA's CW channels. I also think that WJLA 24/7 will close down as well, spelling the end of the network that was once NewsChannel 8. If I missed any other markets or you have a differing opinion on my choices, let me know!
  17. No surprise, as I believe Sinclair is one of the biggest supporters of Steve's Feud, and their stations were key in its rising ratings. But still, it shows how limited syndication choices thanks to newscast overload. Its kinda too late for Sinclair to turn back the clock in terms of giving a varied schedule of offerings, but hey, kudos on them for leading the way in a potential (and in some eyes much needed) local news crash.
  18. It was revealed that Jerry died of cancer, it couldve been one of the factors that sent Judge Jerry into reruns back in September.
  19. NorthernIndianaTVArchives has closed his two YT accounts and is uploading only on Internet Achive in protest of the LDS copyright claims he's been given. My guess is that your claim came from someone involved in the production of the commercial, and used the LDS as a way to stake a copyright claim while remaining anonymous. Back in 2013, a number of commercial videos were claimed by people using that method, and the sidecar used in much of the claims? WWE!
  20. I assume this means RIP Original News Programming on HLN, January 1, 1982-December 4?, 2022
  21. My hunch is that rating are well enough that it becomes permanent even after December.
  22. Looks like the Eyewitness News name is staying, and it looks pretty good in the CBS font.
  23. Seinfeld reruns already jumped ship to KCOP, which I assume will pick up more KDOC shows in the fall. You know things are bad for your channel when you've turned over 4 hours of your programming in the afternoon to simulcast Decades!
  24. Didn't want to give up the cushy 100,000+ extra viewers Blue Blood delivers!
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