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  1. Tegna seems to be upgrading WXIA and WCNC. As WCNC has been staging the anchors at the video wall and side areas in the studio rather than the main anchor desk, for about 2 weeks. It may be a renovation rather than a full rebuild set. Perhaps they are changing the video monitors behind the desk with a new backdrop. And perhaps a similar upgrade at WXIA.
  2. Sorry to see Molly Grantham abruptly depart WBTV, as she was apparently forced out the door after she declined to renew her contract which expires at the end of the month. Rather than allowing her honorably finish 20 years of service, she was abruptly kicked to the curb wih no appropriate farewell or final broadcast. I would speculate Gray TV offered her an unsatisfactory contract, but whatever the case it is a shame to see her treated so disrespectfully. I hope to see her join WSOC or some other station if she so chooses and a contract is offered. WBTV continues to lose longtime legacy talent, incuding Paul Cameron, Maureen O'Boyle, Eric Thomas, Steve Ohnesorge, David Whisnant, and Steve Crump. Losing heritage credentials and class act reputation. More inclined to watch WSOC.
  3. Yes they upgraded 13-WLOS in Asheville about a year ago, also very nice job. Although my antenna in Spartanburg actually pulls in WSOC Channel 9 from Charlotte much better in terms of ABC. And WSOC now has new Cox graphics, but seems a bit overdue for a new set themselves since the current version debuted inn 2012 and has only had a backdrop refresh in the years since. But good job by Sinclair with WLOS and WJLA.
  4. Not sure why they want to remove the network logos from their branding. But I can confirm WBTV has removed the CBS Eye from the Channel 3 logo when they switched to grayOne. But WHNS is still branded FOX Carolina so I suppose the FOX logo will remain there, although they do not appear to have yet converted to grayOne. I receive both these stations with an antenna, so I can visibly confirm these graphics. Here in Spartanburg, WBTV Charlotte comes in strong just like a local channel which I can receive with an indoor antenna, while official CBS affiliate WSPA can be more of a challenge due to VHF. And WHNS comes in good, so 2 strong Gray stations here, although WJZY from Charlotte is also a strong signal, despite Nexstar downplaying the FOX affiliation. So it seems network branding and promotion may vary by market, despite the group package in some cases.
  5. Apparently Carolyn Bruck may have finally departed WCNC. Need further confirmation here. She was well liked on both the morning and recently afternoon shows. But she has had at least 2 leave of absence periods in the past before ultimately returning. Hope to see her back on a CLT channel. Wish her good luck.
  6. I am glad they changed their plan and decided to keep the legacy 3 channel branding in the new logo. WBTV has a strong familiar heritage as Channel 3 going back to the analog era as the first TV station in the Carolinas. Although they did eliminate the CBS logo from the new brand.
  7. Another good addition along with Colin Mayfield who came from a Hearst station in Cincinnati. But what has happened to popular female anchor Carolyn Bruck? Is she on leave of absence again? She seems to have an on again, off again track record there.
  8. I was disappointed to see Cheryl depart, as it seemed rather abrupt. Perhaps because they are cutting back on the afternoon show which may have resulted in a salary cut. Not sure about such personnel matters, but just sorry to see her go. I wish they would have found her a spot on one of the news programs, as she is appealing talent and did a good job. Also in Charlotte, former WBTV meteorologist Leigh Brock popped up again on WSOC as a Saturday fill in. Wish they would give her a permanent gig as she is appealing talent and a good weather presenter. Not sure why she was dropped by WBTV to begin with, as she was well liked and has been missed. They did recently hire Eric Garlick at WBTV to replace the late Jason Myers. Good weatherman, strong presentation.
  9. Updating, for outdoor antennas, Televes has excellent performing products now supporting the US market. The Televes Ellipse Mix is good for suburban to distant areas, and the DAT Boss long range models pull in the deep fringe. All include a built in amplifier with automatic gain control to avoid overload and interference, as well as LTE filter. And they have a new version of the classic 8bay UHF antenna with the built in amp and added dipoles for VHF. Check Amazon, Lowe's, Ness Electronics and Solid Signal.
  10. In Charlotte, QC talk show hostess Cheryl Brayboy has left WBTV, where she was regular talent on the morning and afternoon talk shows. The afternoon show may be cut to half an hour as Gray is adding an investigative news show in September. I always wanted to see WBTV promote her to the anchor desk, as she is a good anchor/reporter and would be nice to add another African American anchor.
  11. In Charlotte the leading news stations WBTV and WSOC no longer have a regular sports segment on their newscasts. On WSOC the sports anchor Phi Orban is a news anchor on the weekends and only covers the NFL Panthers and NBA Hornets as warranted, with no daily sports segment. Back in the day, these stations had strong sports anchors Jim Thacker, Paul Cameron, Delano Little and Harold Johnson. WCNC and WJZY now have the most sports coverage.
  12. WBTV has a nice graphics package, which may be a modified Raycom style. And recently the Gray talk shows on WBTV and WHNS have identical new graphics.
  13. Nice modern look, but I don't care for that podium style desk. I would like a stately, standard style desk with the anchors seated rather than standing. I don't like this trend with anchors constantly standing. But don't mind alternating stand ups, but still prefer the traditional desk.
  14. Do they still bring back Sam Champion to fill in on GMA? I used to see him sometimes. Looks like they would find a spot for him, since he was once one of their major anchors. Or maybe he's semi retired.
  15. I miss Jay Leno. Have never really adapted to Jimmy Fallon. I miss Jay's monologue, headlines, and Jaywalking. Now I tend to prefer Jimmy Kimmel.
  16. Are any Atlanta stations still carried on cable or satellite in Macon? Seems like they used to be back in the day, as Macon is just beyond fringe coverage for antenna reception from Atlanta. I think I remember possibly WSB, WXIA, and WAGA on cable there.
  17. Just bring back All My Children and be done with it. Susan Lucci hinted of a possible reboot recently as a proposed project by Kelly Rippa and husband Mark Consuelos. I miss the New York soaps. Don't know why we need Good Morning America in the afternoon.
  18. I am curious if this rebranding a year later has made a bump in the ratings. I still think they could have added Queen City News as the newscast branding but kept FOX46 as the station identity. Something like "From FOX46 Charlotte, this is the Carolinas' Own Quen City News." Best of both worlds. And nobody has mentioned, but back in November they made a modification to their new set, in time for election coverage. The main anchor desk was moved away from the large video wall and placed in front of the wall monitors that used to be the stand up area. Now the large video wall is the new stand up area and interview area, as well as the weather wall. Not sure if this is an improvement or not, but just a change that was made.
  19. I wondered what happened to her on WJZY. Sorry to see her go but a good move for her. But perhaps if WJZY had been smart enought to give her a permanent anchor spot there she would still be in Charlotte.
  20. Also in Charlotte Maureen O'Boyle signed off the anchor desk last Friday night at WBTV. Pleasant, popular, and professional, it will leave a big void to fill. Sorry to see her go.
  21. Nice to see Leigh Brock back on the air and filling in at WSOC. Wish it would be a permanent hire. Seems like a mistake for Gray to release her from WBTV. She was well liked and did a good job. In Greenville-Spartanburg WHNS-21 anchor Cody Alcorn has announced he is leaving FOX Carolina and moving to Atlanta for personal reasons. No apparent plans yet to transfer to Gray sister station WGCL-CBS46, or FOX5 Atlanta. He has been a mainstay at WHNS for 16 years. Future plans yet unclear.
  22. Sorry Leigh Brock has departed WBTV. She was well liked and did a good job.And was a familiar face from the Eric Thomas era, so she would have helped ease the transition from his departure rather than the other 2 newer meteorologists they moved to the evenings. Seems like a big mistake by Gray if indeed her contract was not renewed. Too much legacy talent is departing WBTV, including now Maureen O'Boyle.
  23. Sorry to see her go. She was a strong anchor and an appealing personality, well liked by the viewers. But much of the major talent has retired from WBTV in recent years, so it will be interesting to see how Gray maintains the longtime legacy status of WBTV in the coming years, or lose ground to WSOC.
  24. Yes the look is good and the new set is very nice, modern and sleek. It is just a mistake to drop FOX46 as their channel identity. On the first day they used a rotating logo bug with both FOX46 and Queen City News. They should have continued with that. Since FOX46 is the channel identity and Queen City News should be the title of the newscast. It should be "from FOX46 in Charlotte, this is the Carolinas own Queen City News." This incorporates both the legacy channel brand as well as the promotional title of the newscast.
  25. The upgraded and expanded news product is good. The new set is an improvement. But the rebranding is ill advised and unnecessary, and seems a bit juvenile in its approach. And could alienate viewers in the DMA outside of Charlotte. They should retain FOX46 has a strong identifying brand and just add Queen City News as a subtitle if they are so determined to do so. That would be the best combination of the legacy brand and a new marketing strategy.
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