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  1. Jeff Shell, the former NBC exec who will come aboard the post-merger entity as President, has stated that “I personally think the linear business is going to be a strong business for decades to come...” https://deadline.com/2024/07/linear-tv-cbs-broadcast-paramount-jeff-shell-bundle-1236003157/
  2. Rusty's hunch was that the KCAL News brand would only last a few months to a year, yet here it still is 19 months later.
  3. It's back on. A go-shop provision has also been instituted, which means that other parties can make an offer for Par.
  4. "Deadline hears bankers are also assessing a group of non CBS-affiliated television stations that are not core to the broadcast business. Paramount owns 13 TV stations not affiliated with CBS." https://deadline.com/2024/06/paramount-asset-sales-chatter-around-sale-leaseback-hollywood-lot-1235983020/
  5. Since the deal is dead, Mission won't be involved at all. Adell may cut an LMA with Nexstar. At that point, it will still be the worst station in Detroit, both operationally and programming-wise, but Adell will continue to do the RTC deals.
  6. Nexstar doesn't have guarantees on Adell's loans, nor does Nexstar have a purchase option on WADL like Mission has on their stations.
  7. The article says that Adell believes that he can still land The CW on the station (over a WDIV subchannel or The CW Plus) and is willing to cut an LMA directly with Nexstar.
  8. I see KLEW becoming a passthrough for KREM instead KIMA/KEPR with a stronger combined Palouse bureau (though it's just as likely that there would be layoffs there), but I don't know if Tegna would be interested.
  9. Due to the 2 of the top 4 rule, Nexstar would have to spin-off a station in Fresno and Raleigh, and the FCC just ruled that it's already over the overall cap in NYC, but there aren't any rules against buying the other stations.
  10. It has no chance in the current Senate.
  11. They could also launch their own cable-only station with the Plus feed and have someone handle advertising.
  12. In reality, this wisp of a conference has a scheduling alliance with the Mountain West and will be eligible for their championship game. (Just making sure everybody's on the same page as to the actual contents of this TV package.)
  13. Can more power actually overcome the fact that antennas have to be positioned separately between low-band VHF and high-band VHF/UHF?
  14. Do they even have the legal ability to do that?
  15. Less forgot and more they wanted money from Disney to put the subchannels there.
  16. Does this mean that Detroit is going back to WADL, after everything that happened?
  17. This includes WPVI-TV, whose OTA signal, stuck as it is on low VHF 6, has been difficult to watch since the digital transition.
  18. The listings for that day show no change (haven't been updated yet?)
  19. Given that the CW is already on WMYD, I don't think Nexstar is going to do any fighting as far as WADL is considered.
  20. The ruling has a direct effect on this deal. Since Nexstar doesn't own any stations in Detroit, the FCC has just ruled that this deal would put Nexstar even more over the ownership cap then it already had been with PIX11.
  21. All the stations that Nexstar and Mission own in the other markets have been ruled to effectively be duopolies. Are any of these now in violation of the existing (if relaxed) duopoly rules?
  22. The court has thrown out DirecTV's anti-trust lawsuit against Nexstar/Mission/White Knight.
  23. Do they actually have English-speaking Telemundo talent cross over?
  24. The WBTS facility is licensed as a Class A digital, but it is actually transmitting on spectrum leased from WGBX, the full-power secondary station owned by WGBH, the PBS station in town, so over-the-air coverage is not an issue.
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