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  1. Some of those feathers were hard to make out when watching their one-off simulcast of Sunday Leadoff. It's easy to lose sight of that green one, for instance, when looking at the outfield. You'd run into a similar problem if they continue pace during the non-SNF football games, let alone that and Notre Dame + B1G football this upcoming season. In my opinion, if they want to use this new "logo" like this during sports, it needs, at minimum, a somewhat-transparent background. CBS did that with their sports bugs last year after making a similar mistake coming out of Super Bowl LV.
  2. There was a point in time in 2018 or 2019 that I thought to myself and realized....there's hardly any scripted TV shows on television that people want to see, mainly because, as someone alluded to earlier, these companies put their money where their mouths are, and that's with the streaming services. I mean...is it safe to say all these big 4 networks have outside of reality, news, and sports are their legacy shows? NBC with their Law & Order trifecta...ABC and Grey's Anatomy...CBS continuing on with NCIS after all this time....Fox with two Sunday night animated comedies in Family Guy and The Simpsons, I guess? One thing's for sure, nobody I know is flocking to the TV for the newest ABC drama or CBS' next big comedy led by a well-known actor. This leads me into my next point. Appointment television. I miss the hell out of it, or at least what comes with it. When I used to watch Chuck on NBC, I had quite a number of days where I'd hop on Twitter and follow along with everyone watching the show at the same time. I did this with a few other shows and a quite often once I found subreddits in Reddit for my favorite shows. That level of camaraderie is something you can't replicate with a Netflix or Disney+ show that rolls out new episodes at 3am on a Wednesday or Friday. While this isn't going to take away from whether or not people enjoy a series, appointment TV is something that'll rarely be seen, or at least not in the droves that it would lead to if you had to tune into a show at 8 or try and watch a DVR recording a week before the next episode.
  3. I would also anticipate a change in the logo as well for the NFL and college football, thought that wouldn't be seen until the start of the regular season...ever since the MLB and college hoops in 2021, plus the 2022 introduction of the USFL, those sports all feature logos on white backgrounds. I wouldn't be surprised if we see the same with the NFL and CFB logos once their 2023 seasons start. For the NFL, I recolored it to where they could either maintain the current color scheme, but with a black-on-white Fox logo....OR better yet, recolor to blue and red on white, which brings back the 90s color scheme to apply it on the current logo.
  4. I'm surprised there was any belief Fox would even dare to implement team-specific fonts to the XFL when the NFL is clearly miles ahead in popularity and ratings. Not expecting anything different if other sports they cover like MLB and college football are treated the same should they get this package. As for the TD graphic above? That's a good place to start if they want to do that for "featured" players in the NFL. Get their best shots from photoshoots or use headshots if that's more convenient for every player, regardless of who is/is not star-worthy. Not sure if I posted the evidence here, but I prefer they just use no image at all like after this TD from the Big Game itself.
  5. Glad I'm not the only one thinking about those fonts....but here's where I disagree on you. My eye test says most of these fonts will work in a team-specific L3...it's something new and refreshing that we don't see with those fonts besides jerseys, other networks' graphics, etc. Now, me personally, I can't imagine that Fox will try to force something outlandish like what you see in the Rams or Eagles script for instance; those are honestly the only two that concern me. At the least, I could see the Rams continuing with the one you see below as that 2000s font has been slowly phased out of use, but that's getting into sports logo speculation if I continue on.
  6. Jennifer Gilbert is set to retire at WBFF in Baltimore. Her last day on the news is 11/26. https://www.baltimoresun.com/features/baltimore-insider/bs-fe-jennifer-gilbert-leaving-station-20191105-bgfffkdfendu3kmmnhzbwimmy4-story.html
  7. I'm only 26 and can do nothing but wish to have remembered and experienced the major swings of affiliates. As much as I'd like to see how crazy the general public would go watching a similar situation go down in present day, there's no more room for another broadcast network to pull a Fox-like move neither a major company looking to swallow up any of the Big 4. Not to mention, the last two major acquisitions that involved the Big 4 (Comcast buying NBCU; Disney getting 20th just this year) had little to no impact on station affiliation (thanks, streaming, cable, and satellite?) I guess there's always the What-If threads of Speculatron to help me find those alternate timelines
  8. WJZ too...it's bug has been 4:3-safe since the big "refresh" last summer Tuned in today and well...my original post did not age well. I didn't know the bug moved. Last I saw it, they had it 4:3-safe for the post-Grammy newscast some weeks back.
  9. Surprised no one shared it, but the network's logo for Tokyo 2020 was revealed earlier this week. [MEDIA=instagram]BowO5xwAn3j[/MEDIA]
  10. I have my doubts that they are keeping the red shade logo. I watched that same game, which is, to no surprise, where I found the promos for their comedy and drama shows. On the other hand, the promos I've seen for games on ABC use the solid black logo. Hence, it wouldn't make sense as the network already abandoned that concept around their scripted shows and the news shows will follow suit soon (the logo is updated in a newer promo for GMA Day). --------------------- On a side note, did anyone watch NC A&T vs East Carolina? I noticed that game still had the previous CFB package based on the 2014 SportsCenter look.
  11. In response to why the ABC logo is blackened in the ticker, it's a network thing. Promos for the shows set to come around in the fall have the blackened logo as well, so unless the news department doesn't follow suit, the color-modded logo is dead.
  12. This is why I miss the early days of NBCSN. I remember they were moving in that direction with a morning show that ran down highlights much like an old-school episode of SportsCenter. Though I didn't watch it much, I was excited for what they could build up. It's just sad that they and CBS are aiming low with the sports on a lower tier than the Big 3. I feel like the perspective they take is that ESPN, despite its recent struggles, is too far established as a network to try and compete with full-force. While that might be the case, the peacock's sports division should definitely take action as you said. Either take advantage of covering more popular sports on a daily basis with MLB, NBA, etc. or shut the network down completely, which I don't think will happen as I doubt things are bad enough at NBCSN to just give up any time soon.
  13. Correct if I'm wrong, but First Take is heading to NYC, which I assume means that show will be out in that studio as well. So I can see one of two outcomes where (1) FT gets a different set in the same building OR (2) gets a space in that same area where Get Up takes place and just have FT start at the wide desk while the Get Up team ends the show standing up elsewhere. On a side note, I think a morning show is kind of a hard sell in the sports television world. ESPN had things in a good place when Mike & Mike was simulcast from their radio feed, but that's no longer a thing now. I would much rather flip SC AM as I wake up to catch my daily sports feed of the day before, but as we know, the information-to-go era has rocked the TV landscape in every way possible, hence why Bristol's own had to come up with a morning show they thought people would make it worth tuning into, if not, keeping up with on social media as many do now a days. I'm guessing their struggle is maybe they are trying too hard to replace M&M by going astray from that style of a sports morning show.
  14. I didn't think the ticker needed an update. The soon-to-be former version seemed clean and simple enough in this era of graphics where you don't need to edgy, flashy things goings on visually and instead keep it as basic as a text box for the most part. I would have thought the 2014 ticker would last 8-10 years at the least.
  15. Watched the EN for the first time since the "EyeOpener" intro debuted. I was surprised and also disappointed. I'm a sucker for news opens, so going from a read of headlines that lead into "This is the CBS Evening News..." to a read of two top stories that bring us to a 1 minute rundown of headlines is a letdown for me because I truly appreciate the classic, old-school ways of not just the news on TV, but shows of all genres. Though I may be an outlier in some ways to my generation of "at your fingertips" and "instant gratification", I do understand why these moves need to be made, even if it does or does not concern Glor's future.
  16. I didn't watch the whole thing (made it in 20 mins or so before fireworks) and I was in the crowd at the museum watching, but I would say it was pretty good overall. Can't say too much as a two-time guest of Philly, but I was impressed nonetheless.
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