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  1. And it’s been this way for at least 20 years so it’s honestly nothing new.
  2. Maybe they should just make him the third co-anchor officially.
  3. Maybe also a sign of what could be to come.
  4. Jane Pauley had a tribute to him on Sunday Morning. Not sure about the other morning shows.
  5. That used to be more common in the 90s.
  6. Will see how much longer they both last together.
  7. My guess is a different timeslot since nothing about him leaving has been mentioned.
  8. MSNBC can do better than Brian at 11.
  9. Did he also do the 5pm newscast as well?
  10. All these questions make it seem that way. Can’t he take a vacation without people wondering what happened to him? There’s no need to be snarky.
  11. Being out a week or two does not mean he left the station.
  12. I think it makes more sense to do the show in NY.
  13. Mellisa Sarbak is a terrific anchor. She also has a great personality and is very pretty as well.
  14. The best was when Roz would say “The news continues now with DIANA Williams.” I don’t think Roz ever filled in for Bill at 6. It was either Diana, Greg Hurst or Harry Martin.
  15. So do I. I think Roz continued that for Bill and Liz although once she left WABC is when they stopped doing that.
  16. “The news continues NOW with Bill Beutel.”-Roz Abrams 1990s. Remember that?
  17. Does anyone know why WABC never paired Roz and Bill together at 11? I thought it was odd that they didn’t given that they often co-anchored special coverage of different events with Diana reporting in the field during that coverage.
  18. So I guess he didn’t leave WNBC after all.
  19. They can promote one of their weekend anchors. I hear you about CBS 2.
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