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  1. my apologies. I forgot that hey run evening news on the weekends.
  2. All four stations have billions of dollars to allocate to news operations. The thing is that it’s all about the perception of viewers. WJZ is neck and neck with WBAL-TV in this market, and the other two stations are lower tiered. In some markets, Sinclair (owners of WBFF) are in fact #1 in their market. An example of this is KUTV in Salt Lake City. It started out as having strong ratings when it came out and it still does. In each market, some stations do not run weekend news (WMAR and KTTV) and when political campaigns want to run their ads, they only want the top tiered stations in the market. WJZ and WBAL are selected primarily for these ads as the other two stations in the market are bypassed because of severely lower ratings.
  3. WHDH does well since Sunbeam Television, its owner, historically does a great job and has a strong following. What WBTS (Comcast) did was to bypass them and install their own NBC Channel 10 (Really Channel 8 ) on a lower powered CD station. The viewers in the market have reacted adversely to this station and it has the lowest ratings in the market, allowing all other stations (including WSBK and WBZ CBS) better ratings. Being late to the party and rude about it will get you no favors.
  4. Well it seems that KTTV doesn’t do as well as they have no morning weekend news at all. This only happens when it’s not worth competing with other stations. It seems that CBS O&Os do better in markets where there are non owned and operated stations to compete with. WJZ in Baltimore does very well ratings wise there as WMAR has been in last place since the 1960s and WBFF Fox has opinionated news stories from Sinclair. Only WBAL TV NBC from Hearst directly competes with WJZ for #1 in the Baltimore DMA.
  5. They want to keep Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune together, like in the Eastern and Pacific Time Zones. Many stations in central and mountain either have to split the times across the day, or only select one show while another station gets the other.
  6. Too bad WJZ never used enforcer. I always wanted to watch them without having to do so on a resync video from the Internet.
  7. L3s on regular broadcast with active news ticker.
  8. They dropped it recently and swapped it out for a flying drone that is operated by a Multimedia Journalist. It’s a good way to save money, thus is why WBAL-TV correctly saying that they now have Baltimore’s only news chopper.
  9. They are higher rated only because WMAR has been in the basement since the 1960s and WBFF puts so much conservative spin on all stories in Baltimore. They claim that Baltimore is bad and is always in crisis. They despise the Democratic run cities and agencies. WJZ had a chopper for years, but is saving money and using a drone instead.
  10. Its a race to the bottom. WJZ is usually the last station to get a graphics update. Heck, they held on to their Chroma Cues Package from 1998 to 2018. They never ever used enforcer, which was a shame.
  11. Same desk WJZ has. I hope they too, don’t screw the launch up, lol…
  12. It was once owned by CBS and then sold to Gannett, which has split to form Tegna. I thing having the #7 DMA CBS would push it past the 39% maximum limit of viewers set by the government.
  13. Living in Baltimore and having WJZ stuck in the same standard Chroma Cues package for 20 years straight, this is leagues better.. Besides, WJZ is always the last to get upgrades, yet it is among the highest rated CBS Owned and Operated Stations.
  14. WJZ just got its new Weather Center with updated graphics. It even has the CBS logo jingle when the final forecast is played. Not long now until the changeover to the new branding. Thanks @Georgie56
  15. I am hoping that WJZ doesn’t mess this up. They have deviated from most packages with their own music, which I do not like in the least.
  16. That is great. You never, ever want Maury on a big 3 network ever. You will get pre-empted by news reports, plus MYNet, Fox, CW, have time to run 2+ episodes a day.
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