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  1. The best set in the station group. And it's not particularly close, in my opinion.
  2. I work in local news and I couldn't even tell it was virtual. Very impressive.
  3. Another victim of the Gray staple, a sea of hanging monitors. I always get so disoriented looking at a setup like that. Is that really more cost-effective than actual teleprompter hoods for the cameras?
  4. Local Media VP Brian Lawlor is moving over to lead the company's new division focused on sports broadcasting rights for Scripps' local affiliates and the ION network: https://tvnewscheck.com/programming/article/scripps-launches-scripps-sports-division/
  5. I almost hate to say it... but between the talent, graphics, sets, and music, this might be my new favorite all-around current NFL production. Definitely holds its own to anything put out by the networks the last several years.
  6. They were never on NBC. The 2020 season was set to air on ABC, ESPN, FOX, and FS1/2.
  7. Hoda and Jenna has updated to the latest rendition of the Today graphics package, bringing them in line with the first 3 hours of the program.
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