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  1. The content was what I was referring to.  Apple, Google,  or Amazon could have offered amount that Redstone couldn't refuse for the TV & movie library the company owns.  Plus the sports programming that CBS has contracts with.

  2. I thought the new media rights deal was supposed to be announced before the finals were over.  Why is it taking so long?  If the show inside the NBA ends, then it ends. 


    NBC should buy the rights to the show and air it on USA network.  I think NBC, USA, & peacock will each air some exclusive games.  I don't think they'll leave USA without NBA.   NBC will probably get Sunday night games, USA will get the other prime time game, & peacock will get select games that are probably not in primtime.

  3. NBC's logo should always be on the screen somewhere as that is what other networks do, but sometimes i noticed that it's not always the case.  Wondering why that is? 


    I would like to see that they are able to NBA games on not only NBC, but on USA & Peacock.  USA does have a history of showing NBA & other professional sports in the past.  I heard NBA was close to  deal for Big East Basketball, but it will only be on NBC & peacock.  They should put some games on USA,  so that it would be more beneficial for the cable network.  NBC should use USA as the destination for all of their cable sports programming, with cnbc being the alternative, while also continuing to invest in peacock.  It doesn't make sense to air figure skating events on E entertainment channel as they have done in the past.

  4. I know that, but previous articles stated the network was trying to rely less on scripted programming and more on sports and other programming.   I'm assuming NBC didn't want to pay that much for it and wbd seems to be desperate since they're probably going to lose the nba.

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  5. I thought NBC was looking to fill programming not only on the network,  but also with peacock / USA network.   By losing the french open, it doesn't help. 


    If money was fhe issue, maybe they should keep the fench open and put most of it on peacock / USA network, with the finals on NBC. With NBC getting the NBA,  putting the majority of the french open on USA network / peacock will reduce the chances of any programming conflicts with NBA or any other events that may occur.

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  6. I don't think they're filling in for free.  Whether or not they're getting paid salary or not, I would assume they would get some kind of bonus for doing the extra work, besides getting the national exposure.

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  7. I remember what it was like back then in the late 80s and early 90s.  It was weird to see Paul Johnson working 7 days a week.  I think the stations didn't view it necessary at the time to have many weather anchors, when one of the 2 news anchors could just read to the viewers what the weather was or will be.  Later in the mid 90s when the stations started to invest more in their newscast did they hire more meteorologist or weather anchors.

  8. Back when NBC had the rights to the NBA in 2002, why would they not offer more $ to keep NBA than losing it.  They had a cable channel with cnbc & bravo TV back then.  They could have put games on cable as well as on NBC and charge customers back then to watch the games.  

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  9. If wbd doesn't get part of the deal, they're probably gonna file a lawsuit.   I don't think they will have a case.   NBC can offer what wbd can't,  which is broadcasting on regular tv while paying more $.

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  10. It doesn't appear NBC will be cutting back in prime time programming from recent reports.   Also, they plan on getting NBA rights back.  With that, it will help them reduce their scripted programming and allow them to shift shows to other nights where they don't have sports programming. 

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  11. Other shows that were not doing well on NBC, should be given a chance to continue another season on peacock, especially if they were on the borderline,  like Quantlum Leap.  This was a show they were also producing, instead of being canceled.  I understand the ratings were lower, but there were fans that were upset that this show was canceled. 

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  12. Since Olivia Garvey join the station, will they create a new sports show with Mario & Olivia  following NFL & their college football coverage.  They're also probably going to get rights to the NBA soon as well.  It would make sense that they would create a new local sports program.  I don't like program the challenge. 

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