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  1. Reading that list makes me think of a world where syndication didn't develop like it did, and instead Drew/ET/Inside were all on CBS like it happens in the rest of the world. Would be pretty cool.
  2. Also waiting for the full reveal but I really like this sneak peek - it feels like we might see the first truly "modern" nightly broadcast newscast. I don't know how to phrase this exactly, but there's something about it that feels mold-breaking to me.
  3. Super interesting...obviously it looks seriously low budget, but then there's some hints that they did try to spend some in it, like the graphics and the Helvetica(!). It's a contrast alright.
  4. Personally, I'm kind of fine with this change. I'm a big game show guy and @midnight was a really fun spin on the genre, but very early-2010s with its whole thing, so i'm gonna guess they add TikTok related stuff to their games. Besides, you gotta admit, it is interesting to have all three big nets compete with semi-different shows at 12:30 now - a "normal" late night show, a game show, and a newsmagazine. Let's see if CBS's experiment does well for them.
  5. And WBBM's reveal ends up showing why they kept it simple with WWJ - they had no prior commitments to anything involving linear TV as they had no news to begin with. It really was just a chance to start fresh for that station. The other stations for better or worse do have at least something recognizable. I'll be honest, I was one of the anti-box people at the beginning, but after seeing all the variations I've kind of accepted them. They do seem very slapped together however, and need at least some retouching to make them fit the new image better (removing the double-eye in WCBS, maybe redesigning the star 11 for KTVT). All in all though CBS did great with the new look.
  6. There's still the Smartmatic lawsuit, supposedly that one's got even juicier details than Dominion, according to their lawyers (it's a larger company). Btw, should this thread be in the cable section?
  7. I do sometimes wonder how broadcast can sustain that many celebrity gossip shows - ET, Access, Dish, TMZ, Inside and Extra. I understand that if they keep on surviving it's got to be because there's enough news for them and enough of an audience for each, but it still seems a bit unsustainable in the long run. We already lost Insider a few years ago after all.
  8. Probably due to contracts that happened way before network-owned streaming was even a thought for the companies. I know that's what happens with NASCAR - the 2015 TV deal had no space for streaming so watching it online is a complicated mess, made worse by NBC keeping several of its races on USA after NBCSN's death (which again, was probably from the deal mandating x number of races on cable). What fans now hope is that the new TV deal does include spots for Peacock to stream the races live instead.
  9. The logo does look really refreshing and appropriate for daytime. And it might be just me, but parts of it do give me a bit of a sensation of a new graphics package. It just looks different enough from Zucker-era CNN to warrant it.
  10. I'm finding it strange how we're four days away from April and CNN hasn't even begun teasing News Central. The new Anderson Cooper show began airing ads this week and that's for Sunday evenings. I would have thought CNN would want to start announcing the changes for their core daytime block around this time as well, at least just something to bring up the idea that there are changes coming. Did This Morning start getting promoted this late in advance as well?
  11. I actually really like KDKA's version of the graphics, it combines extremely well the standardized package with the colors it's known for. This would've been a great example for the other affiliates to follow but I'm not sure if they also had signature color schemes.
  12. Yeah...I really don't think Nexstar ever actually had a plan for the CW. All these movements all just kind of seem like "we bought it, now what?" type of stuff. Don't be surprised to see "wild" changes in demos (or as wild as the viewership the CW receives) every night starting this Fall, if they're really trying to do the whole older-skewing thing, but also showing stuff like these F___ Islands. I will say, though, that we might have misunderstood them when they said older-skewing - they could have meant older-skewing compared to the old CW demo targets, the 18-34s. Then again compared to that basically everything in broadcast nowadays skews dead. Case in point, the recent article posted by Variety/THR/Deadline (I forgot which one of them exactly) that said that in Hulu Abbott skews like three times younger than in broadcast.
  13. Another reason that networks might not want to show legacy content on primetime is the royalties and stuff that actors may want. Yeah it could technically be cheaper than creating new shows, but if that is evened out by the millions of dollars they'd need to pay to protagonists X, Y, and Z, they might as well just keep on making new shows or repeating the ones from the current season. This is without counting that many networks' biggest hits were made by other production companies (Friends and Warner for example). That's more big bucks to give to broadcast the show.
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