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  1. It's remarkable how Page Six always has " a source" on each topic who manages to speak in very similar tones/phrasing regardless of the topic. Then again, it's hard to always take Page Six seriously anyway. Again, we are a long way from seeing this latest "in development" show become a reality. And viewership data is what it is. Even if we take Page Six as gospel truth, there's a big gulf between looking for cheap filler in the form of a courtroom show to the cost of a soap. They may be able to build a more cost-friendly model going ground-up, but this feels more like a "we need to show something coming from this agreement we entered into and so far nothing else has come from it." Skepticism is healthy.
  2. If the tv provider has an agreement to carry the subchannels of each station, that’s what happens, regardless of there being a duplicate, and regardless of content (newscast). If you have a scenario where two ownership groups have deals to carry whatever little digital network and those groups are both in a city, you’ll have that overlap.
  3. Good for them and this little pet project. This should net them…like, seven new viewers.
  4. I was wondering when someone else would notice that. Yeah, she is in that third-wheel type thing they have now expanded to the morning show and the primarily fill-in for either Matt or Tam it appears. She started showing up in the promos as part of the team not long ago, so it all makes sense.
  5. This is such a great point…or points. There is such an intertwined element between technology and business, and you can’t expect business to function like it’s 20, 30 or more years ago while technology jumps ahead in leaps and bounds. Nostalgia has its place, but it’s not a business strategy.
  6. It doesn’t seem any different than launching on any Monday overall. Lots of syndie shows enter the market more or less mid September, depending n how Labor Day falls, don’t they? (Not all, but many).
  7. There is zero chance Y&R gets cut. Less than zero. If this new show makes it to air, the Talk is toast.
  8. Setting aside Nexstar/Mission for a moment, technology and generational shifts result in fewer eyes on all kinds of news sources. The pie has been sliced into far smaller portions, and consolidation didn’t cause that.
  9. Sure, Nexstar and some others are their own deal compared to several O&Os...and WFMZ in this particular case. If this had been say something on the Mississippi, then yeah, the Philly locals aren't likely flying anyone out. A couple hours of driving though....sure. By a general estimate, the drive to the Baltimore area from Philly would be less than a half hour longer than to some of the Jersey shore destinations they cover (like Long Beach Island and Cape May). Maybe a little extra for a bathroom break at a rest stop.
  10. Indeed; if you didn't put something in the contract, for whatever reason, such is life. And if they're interested, more power to 'em if they make it work.
  11. Baltimore is not far away from Philly for these purposes. Heck, I’ve made down-and-back trips for business meetings. Having a presence isn’t just a flex when one person’s standard thinks it to be so. It was barely a couple of weeks ago a huge cargo ship docked in Philly’s port. There’s plenty there to warrant a local angle itself, not to mention having your familiar name available when you want to take the coverage. There’s nothing wrong with using the resources you have to cover a huge story a couple of hours away. Same applies to networks sending reporters. They make the judgement call based on real-world experience about when to send a reporter, since that’s why they have a stable of correspondents.
  12. They have two reporters on site, and perhaps they are reporting for other affiliates. Regardless, it is a story with major implications for the economy, and we're not that far away that sending a couple of reporters to provide coverage is an issue. They can take the national stuff, but there's value in having a recognized part of the team there early on.
  13. Highly likely I missed this before, but found it interesting to see a reference to chopper 6 once more. Not a criticism at all. There comes a time you return to such references. Just the first time I remember seeing the term used since the tragedy.
  14. Always assume the camera and mic are live
  15. Just realized the traffic graphics on the top of video shots are also the old version. The maps are what they are, but the “Sky 6” for example is noticeably the older one. And the blue bar has that little horizontal line thing over to the right. But yeah, for the video wall by the weather, something other than an obvious weather symbol could work, while keeping the main video on the monitors it’s on today.
  16. Yeah, that misalignment was irking me, and I full well realize that’s a personal issue with me. That and there’s still a remnant of the old package being used subtly on the vertical monitors off to the side of the anchor desk, at least during one segment. That said, I like some of the new transitions as part of the package.
  17. I don’t get that because they can do, rarely, change it. Sports Sunday for example would transition those screens away from the thermometer graphic, and it’s been done for other specials. It’s a little thing and god knows they’re paid more and know more than me, but it is my somewhat compulsive tendencies that get to me seeing that for news knowing it can be adjusted. Then again, I prefer the weather segments at that wall and I know others will certainly fairly disagree.
  18. Hmmm, the whole thing went live today on WPVI. Opening was the same as the Sunday edition (full length open, but no other change). All in all, sure, interesting changes in action. No ticker yet at noon, but space is there. Some familiar feel amidst the new design. Interesting. (Edit-posted my comments without noticing the comment above had been added; didn’t mean to look as though I didn’t read it, just hadn’t seen the notice a new post was made as I slowly typed.)
  19. Purely personal, I’d rather hear the full cut on all shows, 11 pm included. And since Nydia remains on Sunday mornings, don’t see a reason not to have a talent opening. But they certainly have their reasons and it’s all fine. Just a personal preference, I think it loses something in the short versions. So be it, all good.
  20. Totally get the no talent part, par for the course on weekend mornings. I would think, perhaps wrongly, it's just going to be the end portion that's updated. And sure, maybe they work in weather, but I'd never in a million years expect they're going to start using talent headshots...which almost certainly means they'll prove me wrong. But seriously, that hasn't been something they've done, and while there's a first time for everything, that just seems like it's a no. Or at least a not yet. Baby steps. And I tried not to be harsh or anything, just saying for me that end piece was meh. It can and will be great to other folks, and that's awesome. We all have our tastes, and I like freshening things up as much as anyone. Certainly don't intend to sound like it's a bash by any means.
  21. I may be the exception who’s a meh on it, but hey, no one likes everything and different strokes for different folks. If that’s what works for the group and station, great, and more power to ‘em.
  22. Not really, since women have been a significant part of the fan base for years upon years.
  23. The kind that causes damage enough to necessitate repairs? Things can happen to new buildings, too. It's unfortunate and perhaps on the less common side, but things happen. No doubt they'll be looking carefully into what caused it.
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