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New WFMZ set and graphics


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So, it debuted today at 4 PM. Impressive...but not nearly on the 6ABC scale! I think they said there are 30 monitors. They're definitely doing a lot of standing up/walking, with 3 vertical 80 inch screens.


The odd thing is the strange shape of the desk, and also that the desk is designed to be stand-up! Yes, they stand at the desk. I think that's kind of strange. Maybe they'll eventually have some chairs.


New graphics are a flat take on the WLEX look they had before.


Nice to finally see them all back in the same building.


At the end of the 4PM Jim & Melanie were sitting on the new (LARGE) couch, and there was a screen behind them showing the view out the PPL Center. That was an interesting touch, given the fact that the studio is top of a mountain.

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I like the music, but the intro was shortened by a few seconds and cut at the end.


I still can't stand the way they, in 2017, continue to show SD video in 16:9 for some things. There was a behind the scenes tour with Joy Howe that aired at 5:30 and it was BLURRY - it was prerecorded but they were in the studio - why would it have been down-sampled? Many of their live shots are like that too, but I've always chalked that up to using those backpacks.


The time & temp under the bug in the L3 should be on the top, not the bottom in my opinion. Because when the L3's come on it looks out of place.

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