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  1. Yes, he said last week he was only going to do the early shows for the time being.
  2. Here's a link to a Facebook post she made today: https://fb.watch/rIaZ4QpAKm/
  3. He's been getting tons and tons of comments on Facebook - the Lehigh Valley is rooting for him!
  4. WFMZ sent 2 reporters also, which I also thought was kind of unnecessary ... but I see the points you just made!
  5. They've had the new weather graphics for many months now
  6. Which is so odd because I think he's great, always enjoy his forecasts and he really explains stuff well. Maybe he does do stuff behind the scenes? He was this amount of "part time" even before he had a daughter. i remember a few years they even left him out of the Flower Shower special! This new position just seems really odd. Doesn't seem to be any logical place to add a new face.
  7. I wonder if they will get a new Chopper 6? It was leased from a company.
  8. I just fast forwarded through 69 News at 8. I guess if you didn't catch the news from 4-6:30, it would be new information. Otherwise it was all the same stories (and recordings of them, no live hits)... which I'm not surprised by, not much can happen in an hour and a half! Then there was a weather report and a teaser for the news at 10. Rob Vaughan by himself and Dan Skeldon with the weather. No sports report which was also interesting.
  9. I was thinking that. Just saw a promo, looks like it'll be Rob solo without Wendy.
  10. I came here to post about this! Not sure I see the need for this at 8 PM but it's certainly interesting...
  11. I don't know if I would be proud to be making this move...
  12. Funny commercial! What's happening with Tamron Hall? Her show cancelled? Wonder who the hosts will be? Also, and this is industry-wide... how many hours of news do we possibly need in one day?! This means on air 4-7 AM, streaming from 7-?? (not sure), now 10 AM, Noon, 4-6:30 PM, streaming at 6:30, 10 PM on PHL 17 (though who knows if that continues?), 11 PM. Let's just have Action News 24/7! Kidding, of course... though they'd probably make a better 24 hour news network than CNN...
  13. It debuted last Wednesday (5/3) ast 4 PM. They teased it all week. They look great! The WLEX look was getting dated. These add a nice pop of color and everything animates - they look good and fun to watch. They really bring it up to date. WFMZ is an interesting market in the Lehigh Valley. We're mostly ingored by Philly and Scranton stations. It's extremely well watched simply because there is nothing else. Over the last 5+ years, they've really upped their game and I think it looks better than some stations in larger markets of their own (since we're not really our own market here in the Lehigh Valley).
  14. Especially considering this is what the WLEX package replaced around 2012 or 2013... I think they went from in-house to outsourcing but just my guess. It's gorgeous. The animations look really nice, too. The only thing I don't like about the new weather graphics is the blue bar that stays at the top the whole time. Here's the new open for the News at 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-nYjD1nnsM
  15. I came here to post this. They look really good! They even updated the video backdrop scenes behind the anchors. The added color looks really good back there and on the L3s. Although, I don't see the local scenes like the Steelstacks that they had in the previous backdrop. It was about time, the LEX package was getting kind of old.
  16. I'd just never seen Ginger do it! Usually it's either Robin Roberts or a sub
  17. Ginger Zee did the GMA preview on WPVI this morning. I thought it was an odd choice. I don't get to watch GMA as I leave for work at 7 AM. Does she have a news-y type role in addition to weather?
  18. Re: the idea of 10 PM news saturation, what if stations focused on a different area for a 10 PM newscast? Independent WFMZ in the Philly DMA has news at 10:00 that competes with Fox 29 and Action News on PHL17, but being the fact that it's based in the Lehigh Valley, serves an entirely different purpose than does the aforementioned. WFMZ also has the 10:30 "Berks Edition" which focuses mainly on Berks County, which is usually completely forgotten by the Philly stations.
  19. Happy for Brian, although it seems a bit odd to me that 6 & 11 are different anchors now? I don't know, I don't watch 3 or 10 so I have no clue who anchors any of those newscasts anymore. I wondered today: if Monica Malpass hadn't left, do you think she and Rick would have gotten 6 & 11? I tend to think yes.
  20. her Instagram seems to confirm she has left WPVI. Bizarre!
  21. Does anyone actually think WPVI will get new graphics? The current package debuted a few years ago. They always march to the beat of their own drum
  22. David Muir does this a lot on World News Tonight as well
  23. That's what I'm thinking... Nothing else seems to make any sense. I doubt they would schedule THAT many vacations / days off all at once. Nydia Han is currently on with Matt and Brittany is doing the weather.
  24. What a ridiculous day for Matt!!!! Adam Joseph is doing the weather from home. Maybe a covid outbreak?
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