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Amazon Yankees Broadcasts


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Anyone else noticing sound issues with Yankees broadcasts?  The commercials seem very loud compared to the play by play.  Earlier in the season, it also seemed the first few words out of Michael Kay each inning were loud then at a normal volume.  I'm noticing this whether using the app off of Optimum.tv or directly from Amazon using Apple TV.  Is anyone else noticing this?   I'm concerned that with Amazon getting more sports including TNF, these issues could become significant.


Never mind that YES's continued use of 720p does not make for a quality broadcast either.

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I imagine they’ll fix those bugs before the launch of TNF. A national audience will be judging Amazon’s first real foray into sports (the Yankees broadcasts are basically Amazon broadcasting a YES-produced event) so the incentive will be there to iron out any glitches to make a good first impression. Also, many of those issues (like 720p resolution) may originate with YES, not Amazon.

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Yes, I experience the same audio issues. I have to raise the volume on the TV to hear the game, and when the commercials come on they're blasting!


I agree about the video feed; it actually looks much sharper and clearer on Amazon than the YES telecast.

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