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Small Market anchor salary


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TV News anchors from New York, Los Angeles, and other cities get paid either millions or thousands. But what about Small Market anchors? Do they get paid more or less than big market anchors? You Be The Judge!!!

Way less. Don't know what size market you're talking about, but I'm sure in a sub-100 or sub-150, $20,000 is considered a lot. I talked to one anchor who worked in a smaller market and she said she made $16,000 to anchor, as well as write and edit. Smaller market anchors are sometimes the producer and occasionally, photographers.


http://www.rtnda.org/research/salaries.shtml There's a nice site I like to refer to, just keep in mind that the list is six years old, so you might wanna slightly adjust for inflation.

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yeah... call me crazy, but i say less.


because otherwise... why would new york and l.a. be able to take an anchor out of markets sub-10 and be able to bring them in as a very low paid market anchor.


you don't hear about an anchor who made the choice to leave a lead job in new york to go anchor the morning news in nowhereville, america.

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