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  1. Yeah they used the old 2012 morning theme for the 7AM stream as well. The only rationale I see behind the WABC music adoption is to keep the West and East largest cities streamlined and sorta unified in a way on their appearance, so if someone from New York tunes in they'll recognize the Eyewitness News theme right away and vice versa.
  2. By chance right now I'm watching a 7AM stream of KABC ABC 7 Eyewitness News with Leslie Sykes, and I noticed they are using their previous morning NG4 cut again!. Did they switch the music back? Also the open didn't have the WABC cut, was so nice to hear it with the new graphics. .
  3. Aw what an incredible tribute to Dallas. Really the talent at KABC is such a class act. So cool to see them all on the set. KABC has some top notch talent, to say the least! Dallas is incredible too, hope he stays at least till his 50th anniversary! 10 more years!
  4. It is basically that. New Yorkers have a lot of colloquialisms and have a relaxed way of referring to things sometimes, and one of those is referring to WABC as "Channel 7", especially for the older generations, they identify ABC 7 as "Channel 7" not sure how much longer people will continue to say "Channel 7" since these days we don't "tune" channels anymore everything is digital so perhaps in the near future, I wouldn't be suprised if they returned back to rebranding their newscast as "ABC 7" Eyewitness News especially since their online presence is now "ABC 7" NY. to me it makes more sense to identify as "ABC 7" again. There is an old thread over in the New York Forum here that discussed the branding switch when it happened in 2004 (20 years ago now, wow does the time fly). Most of us came to the consensus at the time that the switch was made because the average New Yorker identified Channel 7 with the newscast. I don't think they are mandated to say "Channel 7" ocassionally reporters say "ABC 7". Another thing that WABC and the other O&Os abandoned that KABC and KGO in the north retain is the iconic "Circle 7" Pins. Every KABC and KGO on-air staffer wears it, WABC and WLS had that standard for a while, especially in the early days but dropped it I guess in the early 90s. Personally I like them, and since WABC is the top in the nation, it would be a nice honorary symbol for them.
  5. Yeah he's been with WCBS for a while now started exactly three and months ago (February 29th) with them after a brief freelancing stint in DC's Fox 5. https://www.instagram.com/p/C386yHVOj1i/?hl=en
  6. I guess WABC's theme and is ideally popular since they are the most watched station in the nation. So I get that. A lot of stations used it and now arguably the second most watched station in the nation is now on it haha. I just feel like the theme is too slow and heavy and doesn't capture the spirit of the Southland, in my opinion. It's not a bad theme but it's just so bizarre to hear it played there, I don't think I'll ever get over the music theme change haha. It just sounds way too serious, "rough and heavy," you know what I mean? It's Southern California, not New York. New York is hard, rough, tough, heavy and dark, gritty and fast. They should've kept the existing music as it was and not changed it at all. It doesn't make sense to me why they did that. Southern California's culture is chill (except for the traffic , which is slow too, haha) bright and beautiful. Their previous theme emphasized that the WABC theme is, well for WABC and New York which is well fast, serious, and to the point. The theme harmonizes that culture here on the East Coast. The precedent has been set. I hope they lose it sooner than later, haha. It's just out of place and I understand its just a news theme and but the new theme is the identity of the station and that theme makes me think WABC and New York, not LA. Personally.. Not to go offtopic, though, but I've always wondered, where does a station store the music anyway? Is it software that digitally controls all of the music or is everything just automated? Like does a person simply press a button that says "bumper" and we hear it? Or is each cut assigned a button, etc? I wish there was a behind-the-scenes of sorts that shows us how this stuff works haha. I feel like it shouldn't be hard for them to implement more cuts sounds and variations, etc.. I still very dearly miss the New Generation KABC music theme.. , especially the morning theme that was so nice and fitting for them. I guess I'm admittedly a huge fanboy of these themes .
  7. Its honestly too slow and just antiquated in my opinion and the theme just doesn't fit with LA. I honestly wish they even got rid of it here in NY.. It is a catchy theme but it's been in use for 20+ years. Still shocked they switched to the WABC theme. So wild to me to hear the WABC bumper when watching the show haha.
  8. Indeed, the average viewer probably wont even notice the let alone care about the theme music lol. We are the small niche crowd that cares and come to this very forum to critique and "bemoan" (I like this word now ). Honestly, im still shocked and kind grieving the loss of the KABC theme, loved that package so much, but it's a personal problem that i'll have to get over haha. But I agree wholeheartedly with Matt and MediaZone4K. Best implementation WPVI with them retaining their theme and keeping the montage open kudos to theme, their viewers actually care about the theme, WABC which has always been visually impaired with their appearance finally looking top notch and arguably the leader with the upgraded look. Now the next order of business. How will the new sets and studios complement the new look. The sets for all the O&Os are now out of date.
  9. Yeah we are already starting to see hints of that already on the ABC network so it's only a matter of time before we start seeing this more and more in the future.
  10. You're right. Valid points, @24994J Yeah overall the new look is amazing for KABC the graphics are stellar and spectacular there are still some kinks they gotta fix like the audio in some of the closes and opens also the transitions can be a bit too fast but i'm sure they'll work those out over the coming weeks. I guess when it come to the music theme, on the flipside, when I visit LA, I won't feel too homesick since I'll hear the familiar theme there too. And the Angelinos can feel the same when they visit us here in New York ;). In summary from the colors which can't be changed per the mandate as suggested, and the wild choice to adopt WABC's music, it doesn't change their product and who they are, along with the amazing talent that both stations employ to deliver an excellent news product making them the top news stations in the country. Al Primo is a pioneer in this format of local news delivery and to this date remains successful. In a way it goes back to the old days when all of the ABC O&O stations were using the Cool Hand Luke and News Series 2000+ theme, in retrospect that is what it is now low-key reminiscent of with KABC/WABC now on the same theme. The two stations in a way are now united and their tenacious spirit can now be felt coast to coast. I've even seen WABC use the "Eyewitness News" titular wordmark that KABC/WLS uses in some of their promos so it is all a shared resource and the days of being unique and individual are behind, as the world becomes more and more connected. Bravo to all the O&Os, overall I think out of all of them, the ABC look is the best!
  11. Yeah it's a done deal. They've adopted WABC's style. I guess to be fair KABC's outgoing theme (New Generation 2) that was customized for them by the Gari Media Group was in use since 2012 so just over 10 years. Original Eyewitness News New Generation Theme (2008 - 2012) Eyewitness News New Generation 3 or 4? (2012 to 2024) The final days of their outgoing theme: Would've been so fitting to see them keep these light blue colors and the music for their new package. That would've really make them stand out more. They were also the first station to adopt the original NG theme. In 2008 during the "going HD" era. WABC chose to stick with Series 4 theme they've kept their music since September 1998 (25+ years). Which is why it's so odd to see palm trees associated with the Series 4 variation in the new KABC open it, seems out of place. If an average joe doesn't pay attention they can easily be mistaken for WABC: In my opinion the Series 4 theme should've been exclusive to the New York market to solidify both stations unique identity. The outgoing more upbeat lighter NG theme was more suited for the more chill Los Angeles market. But I digress! I guess I just really miss their outgoing NG cuts and theme lol . They seem to be having issues with the audio though this morning the closing cut didn't play. Above is the morning show clips from FATV with the WABC theme. The graphics also just don't match the light blue nature of the set, they should've just kept the background more of a light blue as well, overall I think KABC rollout of this look is the most lackluster of them all.
  12. Here are some more clips from FATV, posted on YouTube. The graphics are stellar, as expected, but the only gripe I have is just the music.. I'm grieving the loss of the NG Eyewitness News music, their adoption of the WABC theme and signature is just so unsettling for me I don't know why. I feel like it doesn't fit for them, because the theme is so New York and its been used here for all of these years (20+ years) doesn't seem right for KABC to adopt it. The graphics are awesome, as we all know, but the only thing for me is the theme and music. It's essentially a carbon copy of WABC. The Series 4 theme just theme doesn't suit LA. Did anyone see the morning show? Is it the same Series 4 cut and bumper as well? Here's WABC's so we can compare. Notice how WABC's opening cut is a bit different. Same theme but different variation.
  13. Yeah aside from the occasional yellow elements from their previous, it essentially looks like WABC and WLS with the predominant blue. I'm bummed though that have switched to using the Eyewitness News Series 4 (in use since 1999) departing away from the New Generation Eyewitness News package from their newer 2012 theme that was designed for them, at least for the 11 am show. So a bit of a step down in the music sense but we'll have to see how the other broadcasts sound to see if they will use more of the package. KABC has always been known to use more of the package than WABC. I wish they kept their "baby blue" colors though. It set them apart and individualized them. Thats the what will surely be missed. Their outgoing package, while a bit dated was a solid package as well. But this one looks great too! Guess we'll have to get used to it! But today definitely marks the end of an era of individualism I guess for the ABC O&Os. Maybe its more cost effective to keep it all individualized in that way. Just watched more of the 11:00 am broadcast and omg the music, it is essentially WABC. I almost thought I was watching Eyewitness News in New York for a bit lol. That's a bit of a let down for me. They deviated from their iconic Eyewitness News signature to WABC's version. I know the average viewer wont notice or even care. But they could've at least keep their previous music. Was it too challenging to work their newer cuts into this new graphics package? Or perhaps its temporary till they work the former music in? Looks like a done deal though to me. Maybe their rationale is for the two largest O&O flagships in the biggest markets to have a similar on-air look and feel for consistency purposes like how KNBC and WNBC are and pretty much all of the O&Os. For me its a bit of a let down in terms of music though.. graphics are fantastic, but I miss the New Generation Eyewitness News theme it was way more fitting for them and SoCal in general. That was my big fear that they would change the music and they did... The New York EWN cut and signature doesn't work in my opinion for LA, feels out of place. Any thoughts?
  14. Wow! How incredible is that? First time I've ever seen a graphics package done in mid-air haha. And of course, classic LA California style, they changed their graphics in the midst of a police chase, ha! Classic move by KABC hahaha. Looks really nice! Though very similar to their big sister here on the east coast now with the darker blues. I was kinda hoping they'd keep their Pacific Blue / Light Blue or yellow color from their previous package. But nonetheless looks really nice! I wonder if they kept the opens and the themes the same? I guess eventually someone will capture it and we can do a full assessment. Here is a quick video from YouTube with the first intro on the new package. They've replaced their package with the WABC bumper theme. So interesting! Was hoping they'd keep their current theme, I guess we'll have to see how the rest of the day goes with the opens. Looks solid though!
  15. Didn't see the earlier broadcasts, but she was back on for Morning's at 10. She looked so refreshed!
  16. Are there any specific instances of when he adds his "2 cents" to the story? I wonder if there are any YouTube clips.
  17. Thank you Weeters for in a way bringing us back to our roots. (Early 2000s) If we all remember correctly this forum was originally born from an AOL or Yahoo Geocites page haha. if I vaguely remember and it was called Local News Discussion lol. So in away the new name, Local News Talk brings us back to our roots! Glad to be back!
  18. Well like @MorningNews and a few of us have speculated, they are likely going to replace Bill with Mike Marza when he retires. So that's why they are grooming him for the role. Plus Sandra has been doing the 11 pm on the weekends for at least two decades now at this point, so if she was going to get the 11 pm slot, it would've likely occurred already but they gave her Shirleen's former Noon slot instead. Plus the 11 pm on Fridays is the lowest rated show so its the best time for stations to try out new talent without necessarily impacting the quality of the dynamic. But the 5 and 11pm have been Sade and Bill's staple for a while. Very nice duo. Though I am curious, when Mike fills in on Fri night in his intro does he say "I'm Mike Marza, in for Bill Ritter?" I have yet to watch an 11 pm Fri broadcast. That will give us more clues haha.
  19. Maybe they are going to get the ultimate look of the package, KABC has always been pretty top tier with their on-air appearance, I remember when their current graphics rolled out how crisp and wonderful it was at the time and still is pretty good, but it has shown its age at this point so we'll have to see how. But at this point, each station's on-air adoption of this package has been uniquely tailored and looks great so can't go wrong.
  20. Overall a solid new look for 6ABC, watching the broadcast right now. And wow, the "Action News" format is very apparent with the new package. The pace of the newscast is notably quicker than the big sister up north. I never fully watched an Action News broadcast before. But overall, it's a solid product. Glad they kept the music theme too! At this point is KABC the only station now left to get the update? Seems like most of the O&Os have converted now at this point.
  21. Looks beautiful! Such a nice open! I love how they allow the stations to keep their identities. Such a great theme and they incorporated it nicely with the new package! The open is simple and effective.
  22. Ah, yes they do! Didn't realize that! Saw them for the first time yesterday. So cool! I guess we can expect an unveiling of the new package soon. Highly curious as to how they will adopt the Move Closer To Your World music package to it.
  23. I guess based on the PageSix article Muppetman shared, we can get to enjoy the street studio while it lasts, which will be gone by the middle of next year. Per the article, they could probably have studios in the basement of the new complex next year. Hopefully, the NYC subway rumbling underneath them won't be too loud or disruptive to the new WABC studio and broadcast, haha. Back on the topic of the graphics now, does anyone have any insight on when KABC and WPVI will adopt the O&O group package? It seems like these are the only O&Os left to shift to the new generalized look. The weather graphics haven't changed yet either for them as of today.
  24. I agree with you MediaZone, the set is a bit dated now at this point having been in use since 2012. The studio can certainly use some updates, but we have to remember how horrible their set always was even before they moved to the street studio in 2012. So I still think 'Abysmal' is a bit harsh, to say the least. They are the only station in New York to have a street studio which to me beats any other station in NY. That alone is quite amazing. Their current streetside studio, despite now being just over 10 years old, is still country MILES away better than what they had before. Their previous studio was also cramped, small, and (even burned down) only to be rebuilt again. The issues you pointed out with the camera and graininess are quite possibly rooted in two things: 1. They are still on 720p (two steps below 4K), so they are not able to get the best picture quality because for some reason ABC and Disney opted for 720p during the HD rollout of the late 2000s rather than 1080i which allows for better lighting and picture quality. Most people won't notice the difference between 720 progressive and 1080 interlace, but 1080 is still more pixels and thus better quality. I'm not sure if ABC will ever upgrade to 1080i but that is certainly a limiting factor. 2. I do agree with you that WABC's set/studio lighting has never been optimal. It's always been just fair. They've always had issues with lighting and contrast. One thing they could do that is cost-effective is simply invest more in their lighting to squeeze more life out of the current studio till they move downtown later in the decade. It would certainly add more life to their aging set. Overall, I think WABC has come a very long way with its on-air appearance. It's taken them up until now really to get it right. With a couple of tweaks to the lighting and cameras, they can easily enhance their studio's look. And right now with the new group package, it's possibly the best look they've ever had. At the time it was pretty dated and antiquated and arguably the worst in the market. I don't think their current set is all that bad, is it on par with the rest of the O&Os, I think it is actually. All the other O&Os have newer updated sets so naturally they are more modern but WABC's new studio is on the horizon with the big move for ABC downtown so I'm willing to bet they will exceed our expectations when they move down there. I hope they go with a nice futuristic "White and Blue" look similar to CBS, rather than the dark blue hues we commonly associate them with. Would be a refreshing more modern look for them.
  25. I just hope under this change, the O&O stations continue to keep their individuality and local news branding instead of making them all look alike. There is a charm to that indivualistic aspect of a news station versus them all looking alike and sounding the same.
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