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  1. KCNC has the new ticker. To me, it looks off since they don't use a channel number box like the other stations.
  2. NY1 midday anchor Ruschell Boone is on medical leave again. She came back in March after spending 9 months following treatment for pancreatic cancer. https://nypost.com/2023/07/27/ny1-anchor-ruschell-boone-reveals-cancer-has-metastasized/
  3. I like how the plants complemented the studio.
  4. Two good news for NY1, chief meteorologist John Davitt is celebrating 30 years forecasting at the station. Plus, afternoon anchor Ruschell Boone is returning to the anchor chair tomorrow after spending the last 9 months on medical leave for pancreatic cancer.
  5. Thursday, Bill Ritter, Liz Cho, & Lee Goldberg did the 6pm sports report, while Anthony Johnson did the 11pm (Thursday), Friday, and Saturday editions.
  6. Rich Wirdzek is the chief meteorologist at WMDT. https://www.wmdt.com/bios/rich-wirdzek/
  7. NY1 has the new logo on their mic flags, ID’s, and promos.
  8. This was taken during today’s 6pm show. Liz mentioned they gone back to normal seating in 3 years. Plus, Dani Beckstrom (the meteorologist on the right) said this is the first time she has seen Liz Cho’s face up close.
  9. The set is now live. https://www.wsav.com/news/local-news/wsav-is-excited-to-showcase-our-new-studio/
  10. Well, Johny has another career, real estate. https://www.nestseekers.com/agent/johny-fernandez
  11. WNBC used to have a current affairs show called "The Debrief with David Ushery."
  12. I forgot to take a picture, but in the 2nd half the clock background was changed to black with blue lettering.
  13. NY1 morning meteorologist Erick Adame has been fired due to his nude pics were found on an adult webcam website. https://deadline.com/2022/09/new-york-one-meteorologist-erick-adame-terminated-apology-adult-site-1235122429/
  14. More like “Dinner with the Reagan’s”.
  15. Former ABC News & CBS News Correspondent and former NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence & Counter-terrorism John Miller is now CNN's Chief Law Enforcement and Intelligence Analyst. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/cnn-hires-former-nypd-cbs-news-correspondent-john-miller-1235212889/
  16. WCBS used to cover their engraved logo during WLNY’s newscasts from 2017-20. This pic was taken in 2017.
  17. Plus the 5 & 11 o’clock newscasts tend to be move faster than the other shows since they don’t banter with weather before or after the forecast since COVID.
  18. My favorite part of the NFL preseason, local telecasts! First up: WNBC (Giants), the replays are from the current package.
  19. 141 miles from WBRC, WTVA in Tupelo has 8. 2-3 years ago, they had only 3.
  20. Former WNBC and CNN anchor and reporter Felicia Taylor arrested after she hit-and-ran. She told police that it was "no big deal." https://cbs12.com/news/local/former-cnn-anchor-arrested-hit-and-run-palm-beach-florida-felicia-taylor
  21. KOVR/KMAX have made the switch, only KYW & WWJ are left to go.
  22. WAGA reporter Janice Yu leaves the ATL for NYC.
  23. Exit 10/55 hasn’t aired since Richard Rose retired and moved to the Philippines in 2018.
  24. …with a new theme replacing Like Fireflies and a new VO replacing Ron Matz.
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