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  1. Trish Hartman co-anchored all the Saturday evening newscasts with Walter yesterday. Wonder if they are testing pairs with him to give him a permanent co-anchor or if this was a one off.
  2. He was only doing the 5pm. Janice handled the 6 and 11.
  3. It does mention it would be a 2 hr extension of the current show which will continue to air on NFL Network. So the earliest it could run on the affiliates is 10am-12noon, so it’s not out of the question for it to be on after Good Day.
  4. They only play each other once. The rest are for their remaining home games against other teams. They are not eligible for their championship game.
  5. Are you able to provide some more insight? Story is behind a paywall.
  6. Mike anchored the 4:30am half hour solo today. I wonder if Shirleen got stuck in traffic!
  7. Surprised they didn’t opt to do a newscast at 9 instead of a pregame.
  8. I’m loving the red on the website. Please keep it even if you do migrate back to the old domain.
  9. Seems so as Pedro was on at 6 by himself. As much as I admire Bill and as hard of a worker as he is, he should’ve not been brought in, as he was too close to the story, and it showed. On Saturday they were doing a story on how Trump was using the situation to fundraise, and Bill added in his own commentary. And I say this as someone who is not a fan of Trump. Brittany did Sat AM and Lee did Sat PM. Jeff did AM and PM on Sunday. I’m assuming it’s because Dani and Jeff did a lot of heavy lifting during the week while Lee and Brittany were covering the eclipse, and those two got a break when they returned. They really should bring in another meteorologist full time - perhaps Raegan Medgie. Lee - 5,6,11 Jeff - Noon, 4 Brittany - Mornings, 10am Dani - Weekend Evenings Raegan - Weekend Mornings Sam could continue as a features anchor on weekday mornings and 10am as his schedule permits and do some of the weather hits.
  10. It seems that Sam makes his own schedule. On another note, Bill and Pedro co-anchored Saturday at 11pm with Lee doing weather.
  11. Surprised this thread doesn’t already exist. Seems like they named a successor for Kate Snow. I like the pick. https://variety.com/2024/tv/news/hallie-jackson-anchor-sunday-nbc-nightly-news-1235947101/
  12. Curious if 6 just plans on using rotating anchors for Saturday mornings and keeping Nydia solo on Sunday mornings. It’s been just over two years since Gray was promoted to 10pm.
  13. https://pagesix.com/2024/03/31/entertainment/judge-judys-return-to-tv-is-bad-news-for-old-bosses-at-cbs/ Buried at the end of the article is that CBS tried to secure “Judy Justice” to replace “The Talk”. I’m thinking “The Talk” is not long for this world.
  14. Not sure when this happened, but Alyana Gomez’s name is now part of the morning (4am-7am) open. I assume she’s taking on a “feature anchor” type role.
  15. None of those places have weekday openings. WABC has not replaced Sandra on weekends, and I’m not convinced they’re going to. I’m probably in the minority here, but what has she done in all those years to move the needle at WCBS? She hasn’t always seemed like the easiest to work with. I’m fairly confident her anchoring days are done. Regardless of my thoughts on her, she’s had a long career with the same employer and many accomplishments, she should enjoy retirement. No matter how great of a career, there’s no need for people to be anchoring into their 80s (I’m looking at you Chuck).
  16. Will we get pics of the anchors in the opens?
  17. Dave Carlin and Jennifer Bisram today, although Dave’s Instagram indicates he’s filling in for Doug.
  18. Is Bill no longer doing Fridays at 11pm?
  19. Or at least moving Michelle or Toni to weekend evenings to be with Joe.
  20. And apparently their exes have bonded over this and are dating each other.
  21. It’s part of MyNetTV’s network primetime lineup. The NBC O&Os have it as part of their daytime syndication package.
  22. I would certainly think Shirley would be in the mix for some of the shows.
  23. Not sure. I was more wondering if he’s got the “feature” part down too well not to come across as “newsy” enough, but otherwise think he’d be a great addition.
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