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  1. "Godcaster"-- does that mean a religious broadcaster?
  2. I remember seeing it for a time in the 90s when MacNeil and Lehrer were in front of backdrops in their respective places (New York and Washington), each with the NewsHour title and "New York" or "Washington" on them, in an alternating fashion.
  3. Inside Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser, maybe around 1994 (I'm guessing)
  4. One thing I've been wondering-- when did the PBS NewsHour start having it where both anchors were in the same studio together (as it is now), unlike where each anchor was in a separate place (as was the case w/Robert MacNeil in New York and Jim Lehrer in Washington, both deceased)?
  5. That's essentially how it is with any station group outside of O&Os as well-- Sinclair and Tegna are the worst offenders.
  6. Is one of them that the dark theme reverts back to light whenever I load up another part of the site?
  7. Bumping this up-- personally, IMO, if WWL in the Big Easy was to no longer be EWN (saddened that that Big Easy CBS station was to no longer be/is no longer EWN), then I think a better name for that news would have been News 4 Louisiana, or even News 4 New Orleans [that latter one would have given WWL, seemingly, a sort of WNBC/Big Apple flavor, because News 4 New York has been a long-running news handle in the Big Apple, first from 1980-95, and then from 2008-now]).
  8. One thing I'm wondering (and don't know if I asked)-- is CBS' current Evening News setup of having the normal evening broadcasts in Washington, the Saturday editions in Chicago, and the Sunday editions in New York sort of a reversal of how it used to be with ABC, where the normal World News Tonight broadcasts with Jennings were in New York (and occasionally in Washington), and the weekend ones (World News Saturday and World News Sunday) were in Washington?
  9. Just looked that up on Scott Kimmell's site under "Old Newscast Titles," and that bears you out-- quite honestly though, never knew they had been 10TV News that long.
  10. Especially making them give up their legacy news titles (both were Eyewitness News before, and they are now 13 News and 10TV News respectively).
  11. Not all of them-- Dave Ward of KTRK in the 90s had one such incident (he was also driving without a license), and while the brass of that Houston ABC O&O were upset at what he did, all they had him to do was to write an apology and have him deliver it on all three afternoon and evening newscasts (5, 6 and 10); I think the reason why they were seemingly more lenient with him than any other station would be with talent of shorter tenure is because he had been quite an asset to that Bayou City of Texas to that point (one of the longest-serving talent that any TV station has had where news is concerned), and the good thing about it is that it caused him to reflect on what he did and change his ways where booze was concerned (all this is how I read it in his Good Evening Friends memoir).
  12. Other good things: --The announcer had a pretty good opening line/billing on each of these openings, both for the evening edition at 6, and late edition at 10: "In touch with Siouxland, KTIV NewsCenter 4 at 6... with Dave Nixon, Mike O'Connor sports, and Mike Wankum with the weather" (repeat for the late one at 10, just putting 10 in the opening). --Also really liked KTIV's apparent custom Hello News mix of the time, and how the NewsCenter 4 title was at the top of the screen (with Sioux City in the background) for the anchor to preview the top stories, and at the bottom for the announcer's billing of the anchors.
  13. So basically, WGBA is the TV news version of what the Greenville News is in print in my area, I take it?
  14. Love how the 1979 peacock is used in tandem with the 4 on these (both in its native colors on the station ID, and in B/W outline on the actual opens). Also, these openings look much newer than '82, it seems to me.
  15. Two things I'd like to say: --First, a question: was this an evening edition (6 P.M.) or a late one (11 P.M.)? --Second, an observation: I noticed that there was no announcer on this apparent maiden voyage of News 4 New York.
  16. Which is why KCNC should really be called CBS News Denver, IMO (and KTVT of the Metroplex should be called CBS News DFW, instead of CBS News Texas).
  17. And Milwaukee, where WITI Channel 6 became Fox from CBS, so CBS had to go to WDJT Channel 58, also in the boondocks.
  18. What is your local CBS station that is Sinclair-owned?
  19. Why would a sports man on that Chicago ABC O&O be the announcer on that late edition?
  20. I personally enjoyed ABC News' then-new-look Washington bureau, and totally miss when they actually had separate bureaus for weeknight and weekend newscasts; now everything is done from the same New York bureau (no originality anymore).
  21. WMAQ NewsCenter 5 late edition, Monday, Oct. 13, 1980...
  22. The Eyewitness Sports slide on the monitor beside Gary Radnich has part of the CBS Sports logo of the time (apropos, because WBNS is the CBS station of Columbus).
  23. In two weeks, Sunday Morning will have its 45th anniversary (45 years to the day since the first broadcast in 1979); will the show do something to commemorate, or will it be just a run-of-the-mill broadcast?
  24. CBS College Football Today studio coverage w/Andrea Joyce and Mike Francesa for GT/UVA; also includes game intro and coverage w/Jim Nantz, Tim Brant and John Dockery from Charlottesville
  25. The Super Bowl Today for Super Bowl XVI between the San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals (strongly dislike when the NFL makes you see such things directly on YouTube)
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