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  1. Just when you thought the folks of ViacomCBS (*um, excuse me*) Paramount Global has finally moved on from the Peter Dunn/David Friend fiasco....this happens.
  2. Now that the new format on KCAL is official, there are two questions I've yet to ask: Will KCAL still be able to have its long-running primetime news block (8-11pm)? And if so, will KCAL produce the 5, 6 and 11pm news on KCBS?
  3. Isn't KCAL already a major player in local news since they started a 3-hour primetime news block in 1990?
  4. Does station management at any TV station in any market (especially Los Angeles) get really upset when a news anchor announces that he or she will move to the competition?
  5. I wonder what's the reaction will be not only for the Fox affiliates, but also the independent stations as they also program local news at 10PM (ET/PT) or 9PM (CT/MT).
  6. If that isn't the biggest blunder in NewsNation's nearly two-year history, I don't know what is.
  7. Let us hope that Don Lemon and Oliver Darcy would be next to get the sack.....but, then again, I'm not going to hold my breath for that one.
  8. Just when you think things can't get any more worse at News Nation than what it is already been....
  9. I got two small questions relating to this merger: What is the main impetus of this deal and will there be cross-promotions between the networks despite the majority of programming on all Discovery networks is more reality/scripted driven?
  10. I wonder who would contact the webmaster of NewsMusicNow about Austin ripping off cuts from the site?
  11. I highly agree, he may never work at another broadcast network or cable channel ever again.
  12. Same way here in Detroit, WXYZ (Scripps-owned ABC affiliate) has used the "First Alert" brand for its weather (and later) traffic segments since 2011. WWJ continues to use the "First Forecast" branding for its weather segments since 2008 when the station was branded as simply "WWJ-TV".
  13. Yes, and other cities that had that nickname as well, such as Buffalo, Bangor, Springfield, Manchester (New Hampshire) and others.
  14. Both packages are based on the same folk song "This is My City, Chicago's My Town" which gave rise to the 1975 theme by Dick Marx, and other news packages by different composers, especially Frank Gari and Stephen Arnold. "Enforcer" debuted in 1994 on WBBM-TV, "CBS Local" debuted in 2013 on Nexstar-owned CBS affiliate KGPE in Fresno.
  15. Or Jeffrey Toobin. I'm surprised he's still there after that horrible display of what he did.
  16. Is Red River Broadcasting the same company that formerly owned NBC affiliate KDLT in Sioux Falls (currently owned by Gray)?
  17. So much for the "Facts, not Opinions" slogan we were once promised...
  18. Jeff Zucker will go down in infamy as one of the ultimate worst programming executives in history (broadcast or cable).
  19. Those questions are more likely to be answered given this whole nature of this deal by Gray...
  20. This is one of those rare and unusual moments no viewer should ever experience watching local TV news....
  21. Despite the fact that 21st Century Fox once owned a stake in Hulu before the Disney deal.
  22. I guess the CW O&O in Seattle (KSTW) is not mentioned on those plans, but then again, neither is WFOR's sister station, MyNetworkTV affiliate WBFS or KTVT's independent sister station KTXA.
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