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  1. Hi @dzonershow, this isn't the place for speculation or list-forming, and I think it's worth stating that up front. My guess is that with Grand Rapids being closer to Chicago than Indianapolis and not in Indiana, it was not worth expanding the territorial rights area that far (with Iowa being a unique and compelling exception). The markets involved are all the Indiana markets (bar Terre Haute, where they must not have been able to get Allen or Nexstar to sign up) plus Louisville (a Tegna market with a bunch of Indiana counties), Cincinnati (which contains a few Indiana counties), Central Illinois, Dayton, and Lexington. Grand Rapids is closer than some of those last two, but closer in the direction of another WNBA franchise. Even some big markets to which Indiana is the closest WNBA team that have Tegna stations (St. Louis! Cleveland! Columbus!) are not included, and that may be to protect the national rightsholders.
  2. At Scripps, nothing is trapped in amber. It's a virtue and sometimes a vice. Television stations are like any other business, especially given that they are facing the biggest change in consumption habits in their history. Scripps knows this. Their hometown headquarters station is feeling it. John Kiesewetter got these figures from Cincinnati: Scripps has very good values, usually, in journalism. They probably have the most value-driven approach to news operations of any major operator (aside from Sinclair, where the values are not beliefs about journalism but often about national politics). The broader problem is that tools originally conceived to make the process of assembling newscasts, or building out news extensions, are turning into tools to reduce headcount, which seems to be causing morale issues at some stations. Ion Media has done okay, but national advertising has been soft. There's a story there. Scripps has higher exposure to the national advertising sector than its peers, and that has been an underperformer because digital has been cleaning TV's clock as advertisers that are not political rethink and retrench their budgets. A decision this big is not done without studying the market. At some point, TV news cannot go on doing the same old things. You would have to assume, and I'd want to hear about this, that research was conducted. Perhaps people identified the Action News brand with an older style of newscast or one that didn't appeal to them. Perhaps adding "Detroit" was seen as necessary for SEO reasons. That said, if "7 News Detroit" is installed without a brand proposition or other points of differentiation from its competitors, then it will get lost in the sea.
  3. All they did was cut mornings; they are still producing their midday and evening news.
  4. The NMSA made this same mistake when they put up MCTYW — turns out it wasn't even originally Stroud's error.
  5. We've been inching toward this moment for years, and today, the lines finally converged over Tyler, Texas, with this clip: KSL 1989 == KTRE 1989 (really 88) == KXGN 2004 =?= Non-Stop Music USA News A Timeline 1985: Colorado USA is debuted as an image package only by KUSA in Denver. By March 1987: WAFF begins using the package including news music and pairs it with the then-new "Squares" syndicated graphics package from Digital Images. The station has "Colorado USA" resung as "Alabama and 48 / People Who Care". February 8, 1988: KLTV and KTRE debut new openings using the package. KTRE is using close music that WAFF is using in a sports promo. By July 1988: KSL begins using the package. 1990: WSAV in Savannah is using the package. The community service promo to which the link is cued up was also used by KXGN Glendive, Montana, in 2004, and by WAFF in a sign-off. 1991: KLTV uses a different open cut at 10pm which matches the Non-Stop USA Music cuts. USA News is listed in ASCAP as a Non-Stop production with alternate titles indicating it was used by KLTV, KTRE, KOAM (extant), KJCT (1993–95, not extant), WUSA (in promos in 1998, maybe?), WAWS (July 1996–98, but they debuted with WWL News at the end of 1996, so they might have changed themes before going on the air).
  6. KPNX picks up Ginger Jeffries for evening weather: https://www.azcentral.com/story/entertainment/media/2023/10/12/ginger-jeffries-weather-12-news-phoenix/71154019007/
  7. With the old Root Sports insert typeface. AT&TSN used AT&T's corporate typeface, AT&T Aleck. I suspect that AT&T required them to cease using AT&T marks and branding on short notice. Even the moribund AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain got a SportsNet Rocky Mountain bug without AT&T.
  8. A full 11pm from WCPX Orlando in October 1994. This very short-lived look had to have debuted no earlier than June and was out no later than early 1995. There is a very strong current of KPNX, particularly in the talent open which has both some script items and animations that are redolent of the News Station-era graphics. There also appears to be stylistic influence from the CBS News and CBS Sports looks in use then. The unusual tandem voiceover is Lisa Malay (who did KPNX — this was her second open set for 6) and the guy who voiced KTVK during this time. This is an interesting era: the station had a very CityPulse-esque appearance just a year and change prior, and there are elements in place of it (mostly the set), but the anchors (Bud Hedinger and Mary Hamill; David Wittman gets equal billing but way less air time) are much more anchored to their desk. From the shores of the Atlantic to the frontiers of space to the heart of Central Florida... Live and local, this is 6 News.
  9. Counterpoint: KXGN is, logistically, a radio operation with a TV appendage. Morgan Murphy has radio properties—that's probably what drew them to the Michigan operation. But either the Montana/Dakota stations are being structured as a separate M&A from the Michigan ones or MMM didn't want them.
  10. Morgan Murphy makes its Marks in Michigan with a $13.375 million purchase of the Marks family's Michigan broadcasting operation. WBKB, WBKP, and WBUP are included along with radio stations in Houghton and Iron River. The Marks family has been slowly divesting the properties the late Stephen owned, though this is the first TV M&A: An AM-FM pair in Park Falls, Wisconsin ($210K to Civic Media) WOWZ-FM Accomac, Virginia, to its LMA operator What's left? The famous KXGN and KYUS in Montana plus the Montana–North Dakota radio cluster with stations in Glendive, Sidney, Forsyth, Miles City, and Williston, and Belfield (near Dickinson).
  11. Nexstar has a real challenge on its hands with KUSI, and it's not just an integration and construction challenge. KUSI was the most unabashedly conservative TV newsroom in a major market anywhere. Embarrassingly so. And they will be dealing with angry viewers of that persuasion. But anyone external to the McKinnons and right-wing politics probably looks at KUSI and goes "yikes". Heck, I think even someone who came to KUSI from a Sinclair station would be shocked. There is a difference between a conservative lean, justifiable in San Diego, and just being a peddler of conservative disinformation. KUSI was frequently the latter. And Nexstar is only a "left-wing" operation if you're so far off to the right that NewsNation is radically left.
  12. The problem is that they have virtually no physical plant in Seattle. The nominal main studio is the transmitter site; there was a sales office somewhere (don't have the address), but it closed in 2020. WUPA has insufficient space—it has not moved since it began broadcasting in 1981. (Nor has WTOG, though that building did once house a news department.) Paramount moved KSTW in August 2001 from Tacoma to 602 Oakesdale Ave. SW in Renton. The station had a sales office in Seattle (which it closed at that time) and its 1976-vintage Tacoma plant, which now is a Bates Technical College facility (KBTC is there, and there is an adjoining building built by the college). It seems they were not in Renton long. They then wound up at 1000 Dexter Avenue North, Seattle (South Lake Union area), home to the CBS Radio cluster. (There is a 21-photo tour of CBS Radio Seattle on Flickr from 2006!) That facility is long-gone as well, with the now-Audacy stations being elsewhere.
  13. KSTW's X/Twitter account is @Seattle11TV as of today. They are writing the name "Seattle11", no space.
  14. Very much so. The next management was able to put the station back on sound news footing (they also hired Dave Murray at about the time Stu Klitenic left for WSB).
  15. kpixplus.com was registered July 28 as well. Notably, wforplus and kywplus (among others) were not taken.
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