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  1. Definitely seems part of their attempt to integrate the network talent to WCBS (and why Elaine Quijano is now on WCBS). Kristine and Vlad anchored both 5 and 11 (usually 11pm is almost always anchored solo when the other is off). Dick Brennan did the 8pm, so he was likely available...
  2. Due to a mets game airing in San Francisco from 9:30-12:30, there is no late edition of news scheduled for after the game. I think this has happened before on WNYW where they didn't air news after very late games ending after midnight?
  3. To my knowledge she has not been on air since then. I noticed on the website Dana Tyler's bio was scrapped, so it has undergone some updates. Notably, Elaine Quijano and Craig Allen are not listed on the website.
  4. Tuned into the new 6pm broadcast. The intro is interesting (it uses a different music cue). Kristine is the anchor again, so I'd argue she's the new (solo) anchor. I noticed Maurice anchored yesterday at 8pm, so perhaps he will do the 8pm while Kristine does the 6pm each night. The closest thing this format reminds me of in NYC is when Ernie Anastos (and for a while Lori Stokes) did the 6pm on FOX5 with interviews from the other side of the studio.
  5. I didn't get to watch the new broadcast, but I found a screengrab from a website video. I must say that backdrop is beautiful.
  6. Speaking of Jennifer McLogan, she recently also celebrated 35 years at WCBS, and I'd say they gave her a pretty nice tribute here (alongside her daughter who is also now a reporter there): Also note at the end all of her colleagues and production crew (Dana front and center) came out and clapped at the end. It's possible Dana really didn't want that (Dick mentioned she didn't want a big send off), but it's still surprising (as noted above) more of her longtime colleagues were not involved.
  7. Just watched the video- she noted her goodbye at the end was pre-taped which is understandable because she seemed quite emotional and this is clearly not what she wants- but it is the super harsh reality of the business. I do think Channel 2 could have done a better job saluting her and not a rushed piece for 8 minutes at the end of one newscast. She deserves better, but I think the reason she didn't get a longer send off is because she's being forced out and likely made this decision more last minute than expected. It also seems like she is not staying with the station in any capacity (unlike previous reports) which I really respect. She will go out with dignity and on a high note. I'm still in shock about all of this, though (as I'm sure Dana is too); and it is all quite unfortunate. I really wish Dana happiness in whatever she choses to do next.
  8. It's too bad Sue is not there with him to celebrate, but that is the nature of the business. We'll see if Chuck makes the record for 57 years! Also here is a recent interview with Sue from Newsday: https://www.newsday.com/entertainment/tv/sue-simmons-chuck-scarborough-wnbc-ppsgedjt
  9. If the reports are correct, this is (sadly) the last week of Dana and Dick anchoring the 6pm. We'll see if they mention anything on air this week.. Tonight Dick is solo.
  10. Haha FTVlive also made this point
  11. A recent interview in Newsday featured Katiy Tong: https://www.newsday.com/entertainment/tv/kaity-tong-wpix-qhg4zhj3 She reflected on her time at WABC (where there were protests in 1991 when she was dropped as anchor) and WPIX (where she reminisced about her time with Jim Watkins). She also mentioned that her recovery has not been easy. Hoping for the best for her.
  12. I was almost ready to think Jennifer Bisram was the new anchor (she's been covering a lot recently); but we'll see if WCBS makes any additional announcement about Elaine.
  13. I think we can all agree that Mary, Chris, and now Kristine and Maurice are too overworked. Most decisions happening at WCBS are not making sense these days... have they undergone a recent management change? I'm also thinking of how they have Tony as field meteorologist in the morning (even on sunny days); it seems quite unnecessary- they should give him the noon or rotate with John for in-studio weather or something..
  14. So this must be part of the 'big changes' Andrea teased the bosses were making. Such a shame to move Dana (and Dick too) off that desk, these bosses ought to be ashamed of themeselves. This seems reminiscent of when Bill Carey re-assigned Kaity and Jim, or when Sue Simmons was forced out at WNBC. Terrible moves this week overall. I think these changes will alienate lots of WCBS viewers. But I would think if they are making these changes, ratings must not be good.
  15. Such a shame for CBS bosses to force Andrea out of the chair, a chair that has been hers since as others mentioned, 2013. Her and Doug (and Craig) were all great together (speaking of which I would hope Craig would stay too). I was thinking recently how nice it would be for Alice Gainer to be a permanent anchor again in some capacity since she lost the news at 9 gig, and she is great whenever she fills in (especially with Dick Brennan). Either way I'm also surprised CBS is allowing both Andrea and Doug to speak the truth about the change, since that will obviously fuel anger and hate towards WCBS (and heck, if enough speak out maybe even reverse that decision)! At least I haven't seen talent shifts at other stations recently where the anchors were allowed to speak so candidly about decisions by the bosses. Either way Andrea has talent and deserves that chair; if not at WCBS she will certainly earn it somewhere else.
  16. Yes, from what I've noticed the schedule is: 4,5pm: Kendis, Arrianee and Chris Cimino 6/6:30/10: Kori, Shirley, Mr. G Previously, Chris did the 4/6 and G the 5/10. Happy that PIX has finally diversified their evening teams, from what I saw of Kendis he seems like a great fit and adaptable to the lighter fare of the 4pm, and the harder approach to the 5pm.
  17. Seems like a pretty good hire, and will hopefully make a good partner for Arrianee. My guess is the same as above (Kendis/Arrianee for 4pm and 5pm and Shirley/Kori for 6pm/6:30pm/10pm). He is also one of "New York's very own", as they say.
  18. Has it been mentioned at all where Sade Baderinwa has been? I've noticed Sandra Bookman seems to be filling in most nights with Bill. Holiday vacation is normal but it seems like she hasn't been seen in a while.
  19. It seems former WNBC reporter Lori Borondoro (who left in 2018) has re-emerged on WCBS as of today.
  20. Noticed this new promo: It seems that he was hired as a second weekday morning meteorologist alongside John (makes sense with them adding all these newscasts). Maybe this would also allow John to do more interview segments or maybe outdoor segments like he used to do on the weekends.. Craig Allen seems to be on weekend mornings still, for now.
  21. Mary is a PIX and local news legend, wishing her the best on her retirement. They had a nice tribute to her on the news at 4pm.
  22. WPHL meteorologist Monica Cryan did the weather on PIX this morning (I believe remotely). I also realized that WPHL has nearly identical graphics to WPIX.
  23. Tonight the evening team was John Muller and Katie Corrado -surprised they used 2 anchors given the holiday, but Katie is great as anchor. Byron Miranda seems to be in the running with John Elliott, doing the weather for all the broadcasts the last few days (but I think all the weather hits were pre-recorded).
  24. Here's the video John mentions this in, cut to the last part: And totally agreed. Analyzing his schedule, John is totally overworked but it seems like he requests it maybe? Just seems like a genuinely cool guy who's knowledgeable about weather but likes to work hard and will cover for anyone when needed. But yes I noticed that Lonnie and Vanessa don't work nearly as hard as he does (or at least to what's shown to the viewer of course, not counting behind the scenes prep).
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