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  1. Sunday Today (sans Willie) updated to the new Today Show look this morning. Its bug has a white horizontal NBC News logo, versus the colorized stack one used during the week. Wonder if Hoda and Jenna are next to update to the new look?
  2. New set + look tomorrow (Monday 8/14) at 4 pm
  3. Licht said at the WBD upfront a few weeks back that changes are coming to the morning show. https://www.thewrap.com/cnn-boss-morning-show-reimagined-chris-wallace-hbo-max/amp/
  4. Saturday Today has an updated background in their Washington studio (N5). It debuted today. Their virtual background makes them look like they are on street level with a similar set up to studio 1A in NYC. It appears the NBC family of channels is investing a lot of money in virtual backgrounds (we see them on MSNBC Reports, several other MSNBC shows, and now on Saturday Today). Pics attached show the previous and new background.
  5. NEW: CNN is launching a block called ‘CNN Sunday’ this fall that will include longform shows, including Chris Wallace’s former CNN+ show. Licht also says their morning show will be “reimagined” this fall.
  6. She is the second senior WH official to make that jump in recent months. Symone Sanders show launches next month.
  7. According to Twitter, they are in studio K.
  8. Where did you see this? Any sneak peaks? Also wonder if this means their new set will debut then?
  9. That will not happen. Joe (possibly both) is a Florida resident so he is required to live in Florida at least 183 days per year. https://www.alperlaw.com/florida-asset-protection/florida-residency/
  10. JUST IN: Stephanie Rhule is set to replace Brian Williams as the host of the 11th Hour, according to Axios. Her current 9 a.m. show will be absorbed by Morning Joe, although it is not clear what that will look like exactly. Note: Way Too Early at 5 a.m. is also under the Morning Joe umbrella.
  11. The changes brought CBSN very much in line with the extensive visual and brand rebrand that CBS News has gone through in recent times. It continues to tie so many of their brands together. Throughout the day, the CBS News Streaming Network will air live daily newscasts of up-to-the minute news. Anchors Vladimir Duthiers, Anne-Marie Green, Tanya Rivero, Lana Zak, and Elaine Quijano will now, for the first time, be joined by Tony Dokoupil, co-host of CBS MORNINGS; Michelle Miller, Jeff Glor and Dana Jacobson from CBS SATURDAY MORNING; Jericka Duncan, anchor of CBS WEEKEND NEWS and CBS News national correspondent; and correspondents from across the Network. The evening lineup kicks off at 6:00 PM, ET with the nightly political program RED AND BLUE now drawing upon CBS News’ Washington team of anchors and correspondents. At 7:00 PM, ET, the CBS News Streaming Network will deliver a live prime time news hour, recapping all of the top stories of the day and leveraging our New York headquarters and Washington and Los Angeles Bureaus. Beginning at 8:00 PM, ET the stream will present content from CBS News’ flagship broadcasts The new changes include weekly shows highlighting several of CBS' longtime brands - CBS Sunday Morning, Money Watch, Climate Watch, Eye on America, On the Road, etc. And for fun, attached is a .gif of the new CBS News Mornings (previously CBSN:AM). High-res pics from CBS PR are also attached
  12. Ayman didn't host his show on Peacock last night. Being so close to the holidays, he could simply be off. They could have chosen to go with alternate programing tonight instead of having someone else host his show. That's common
  13. She has given birth - Russell James Fichera. He was 5 pounds, 5 ounces and measured 18 inches long.
  14. Here’s what the studio is expected to look like…
  15. NBC News confirmed to NewscastStudio that the show has “permanently” moved to Studio 1A.
  16. Here’s a look at how Nightly uses the space. You’ll notice new insert and full screen graphics, however, the open and L3 remain the same. Interesting - Nightly, Today, and Meet the Press all originate from street side studios now.
  17. Lester confirmed the news on his Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTx0Z3vJcVZ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  18. BREAKING: Nightly News is moving into studio 1A along with the Today Show - starting tonight. Several sources have confirmed the news, including a NN producer on Twitter. https://twitter.com/jasoncalabretta/status/1437536515383611393?s=21
  19. He joins the desk between 7:15 - 7:30, depending on the news day. He is officially named the 'news anchor' similar to what Natalie and Ann used to be. However, he largely just anchors parts of the show.
  20. Sources are saying we can expect announcements about schedule s changes today… UPDATE: José Díaz-Balart will be moving to anchor the 10 a.m. hour of MSNBC Reports. Hallie Jackson will be moving to 3 pm which means Ayman Mohyeldin will be bumped from the weekday schedule. He is set to get his own weekend Primetime show and a Friday night show on Peacock.
  21. The desk also reminds me of the curved GMA desk.
  22. Here’s our first look at the updates to 1A. It is more of cosmetic updates than anything else. New desk, flooring, and other elements throughout. The curved video wall and big weather screen (added after the election) are still there.
  23. I actually like that! It is clean and simple. I am betting - especially after seeing that ticker - is the the new L3 will be very similar to the CBS Evening News L3. Other CBS properties have already switched to a similar look.
  24. Social updates have begun! The show's YouTube now reflects the new name, logo, and anchors.
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