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  1. Don't forget Lockwood's WSKY Also, the article mentions that WGN is rejoining the CW from WCIU as well as confirming 2 new homes from Scripps stations.
  2. In Seattle, the Kraken have signed a deal to move to KING/KONG/Prime Video!
  3. KSTU/KUPX will be the TV home of the Utah Hockey Team, the former Coyotes.
  4. KSTU/KUPX, Scripps, will be the TV home of the Utah Hockey Team, the former Coyotes!
  5. Those markets have been relegated to receiving CW through cable on The CW Plus Cable channel.
  6. Not necessarily, there's always The CW Plus cable feed.
  7. Nexstar’s KAUT-TV in Oklahoma City To Become CW Network Affiliate on September 1
  8. DIRECTV Wins a Lawsuit Against Nexstar & Will Receive Millions As a Second Lawsuit is Pending
  9. Diamondbacks Announce New TV Partners After Bally Sports Cancels TV Contract
  10. MLB producing, distributing D-backs games starting today, at Braves.
  11. Updates Diamond has paid the Rangers, who'll continue to air on Bally Sports Southwest They've also terminated Raycom, who was working with them on ACC games.
  12. Diamond Sports Group ordered to fully pay MLB teams' contracts
  13. Gray is probably breathing down their neck.
  14. Altitude is available in Utah with Nuggets games blacked out.
  15. Meanwhile in Denver, Rockies games will be televised on AT&T SportsNet — for now I wonder whether Altitude will get to acquire the Rockies and Jazz.
  16. The article is paywalled, yet, Astros, Rockets negotiating to take over AT&T SportsNet Southwest.
  17. As per the CW website, it appears that the CW stations owned by CBS and Tegna are the one's not airing LIV Golf, they've posted a list of alternate stations.
  18. JCB4TV

    In Memoriam

    Tim McCarver, champion catcher turned famed MLB broadcaster, dies at 81
  19. JCB4TV


    It takes 6 months to construct a new studio in a microscopic market?
  20. We may have missed this, yet KXII appears to be on a temporary set.
  21. If Nexstar want you to pay to watch their live newscasts, they can just place the live stream behind a paywall.
  22. I wonder how much, if any, push back this will get from viewers and advertisers.
  23. Not yet. Also, DIRECTV is also in dispute with another Nexstar shell, White Knight Broadcasting. Is it just me, or do disputes with Sell Companies take longer to resolve?
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