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  1. Michael has had so many accounts terminated for a long time now. Hopefully, he'll elaborate somewhere eventually.
  2. It stinks to see Mike go. He was so great all those years at TWC, and you'd think with how many years he was there, Byron would want to keep him. He was a very hard worker and had so many great moments on the air. I know he's 68, so I'm not sure what's next with him, but it's still awful. It'd only be worse if Jim Cantore was among the layoffs, but I don't see that ever happening.
  3. If he's able to and wants to, would it really be a good idea for CBS to bring back Dan maybe for one last election night? It seems that since this was his first appearance since his ouster years ago, it seems like CBS was able to give him a second chance and the controversy is all behind them. He still seems very sharp for 92.
  4. John was always one of my favorite SC anchors and I wish him the best of luck in retirement. So many longtime ESPN personalities over the past few years it seems.
  5. Time to just bring Morning Express and Robin and be done with it, instead of trying to throw stuff at the wall to see what sticks. She was probably the most likeable person CNN had on-air. In today's divided and chaotic times, a lighter and more fun show might work in the morning. Might as well call her back if the next change fails.
  6. I kind of wonder if it'd be a good idea to rebrand the main TBN? The TBN branding has been big in Christian media for years now. It seems like Phil's channel would be better for TBN Inspire. I personally don't see Phil's channel being a big success being on cable, although I believe both TBN channels are on Pluto TV.
  7. Haven't seen much changes, but it looks like Tamron is moving to WUPW from WNWO starting Monday and WNWO is apparently running infomercials for now in the noon hour. Also, WTVG is going in-house replacing Rachel with Investigative TV+ and WTOL is adding a 4 PM newscast to replace Dr. Phil. Didn't know Court Cam was going into syndication.
  8. And another distributor is trying to partner with Amazon to bring reruns of Judy Justice to syndication, so they could be competing eventually with the original Judge Judy.
  9. Nice to see court judges come back without Byron Allen producing it. I only wished this new production company gave Mathis and Millian their new shows instead of Byron.
  10. Sounds very similar to how TWC does during LOT8'S, by listing various cities by region.
  11. Is this the first former member of Morning Express to have an on-air presence again? I know someone predicted here he'd land at FOX Weather. If so, great move on their part.
  12. I'm thinking its the Mission stations that have been blacked out since January. If every Nexstar station was dropped, NewsNation would be dropped as well. It's still apart of Dish's lineup, the last general dispute with Nexstar and Dish was in late 2020 and was resolved in a month.
  13. Is this a one-time thing or is this permanent? It's pretty cool to see the retro graphics again. Wish they'd have Allen Jackson's voice on the LOT8's again.
  14. I think some of those game shows are on Britbox.
  15. With Mathis and Milan both getting new court shows, I wonder how many stations besides WBNX will take the reruns of Judge Mathis and the People's Court? WUPW has carried both since at least the late 2000's. Not sure if they'll carry the reruns or not. I suspect they might put them in an overnight slot. They're doing it with the Maury reruns, airing just before a block of infomercials.
  16. Well the new logo is basically a modernized version of the classic 70's logo, so that's fine with me. Wonder what the new graphics will look like and wonder if there'll be a new version of the Mission?
  17. I just feel the days of reporting the news on cable are over in the age of the internet. That's why NN is now more-opinion based and why Shep's show on CNBC ended. CNN's trying hard to appeal to everyone but conservatives won't watch CNN. Heck, some of them don't like FNC anymore, and most liberals are now just watching MSNBC. People have preferred opinion over actual news for quite a few years now on the cable side. They should've have brought some of the cancelled CNN+ shows over to the liner feed like Wolf's newscast and Go There, which emphasized on the ground reporting. I was hoping Licht's CNN would be better, but some of the decisions were bad like getting rid of Morning Express instead of carrying over to CNN.
  18. It will be interesting to see if MTP will improve under Welker. While I'm sure Chuck is a good guy, he was never that great of a moderator, and I know people from across the political spectrum were critical of him. I figured Welker would be promoted eventually after moderating a presidential debate. While I don't think anyone can replace Tim, hopefully Welker's an improvement.
  19. It looks like Judge Mathis, Dr. Phil, and Rachel Ray ended their long runs last week. Not sure when the People's Court has its finale. In other news, Judge Mathis and the People's Court reruns will live on the Nosey app, famous for Springer, Maury, and Wilkos reruns.
  20. CNN's new graphics seem fairly mediocre to me, but I'll wait until they debut on TV to give a more detailed opinion.
  21. The only other reference on FYSA about TWC was when Jon Lovitz made a joke about Byron buying the network, which made him laugh. I'd love an evening show like TWC had for many year but I don't know if Byron will eventually do that. If FYSA is on three other networks, plus syndication and even via a FAST channel on Local Now. I don't know if Byron saw the success of Gutfeld and CNN running Bill Maher's segments, and decided to run comedy on a mainly serious network. This is a worse fit than any of the times TWC has run movies.
  22. It looks like since the beginning of May, TWC has aired reruns of Funny You Should Ask, a show that doesn't have anything to do with Weather. This seems different than other game and reality shows TWC has aired in the past. I laughed when I found that out.
  23. I laughed when I saw FYSA on the schedule. I'll put more information about it on the TWC thread.
  24. John didn't used to do cheap productions. He was the VO for the short-lived big money revival of 21 with Maury and also the original version of the Weakest Link back in the early 2000's. He also was the voice of TVG Network back in the late 2000's. Besides Byron's shows and the awards last night, I'm not sure if he does anything else anymore.
  25. I would love to see the Tigers and Wings back on WKBD like many of the games prior to 2004. If a conflict happens, maybe WKBD could put said games on one of their subchannels. Not surprised about Paramount dropping their CW affiliations as they've been wanting out for awhile now.
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