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  1. Maybe now she will!
  2. When Freeze started co-hosting Outnumbered on FNC I had thought her days would be numbered on FOX Weather, but figured she’d become just a FOX News meteorologist…
  3. That’s too bad regarding Jason Frazier. I thought something might be happening with him when they pulled him from the early mornings….
  4. Stephen Morgan and Marissa Torres make a great team on “Weather Command”…. Still no sign or word about Amy Freeze, but hope this team sticks together. If Amy returns it would be great to see her paired with Jason Fraser in the afternoons…
  5. It honestly depends. Some say the morning news is better for parents with young kids?
  6. Whatever happened to Philip Mena?
  7. Welcome back!! Ive watched a few times and I think Marissa is a great fit on Weather Command with Stephen Morgan. I do think it’s strange there has been no mention of Amy….i like Amy, but I was not a fan of her appearing as a frequent co-host on ‘Outnumbered’ b/c weather is supposed to be the one medium that has no political bias…
  8. Amy has not returned yet
  9. @Spring Rubber are you here?
  10. Interesting that Kate left to focus solely on News Now, but she was replaced by someone who also has a daily 2 hour show on News Now! Maybe they need to bring back John Seigenthaler…. Remember when he was ‘let go’ with budget cuts and replaced with Lester (who also anchored weekend today at that time)
  11. Pretty sure Amy Freeze hasn’t been back on-air in some time. Anyone know what’s going on? Is Marissa the new host of Weather Command now? She posted on social media something like ‘now that I no longer work nights’…
  12. Kelly Costa posted on social media that she was offered to relocate to NYC and stay with FOX Weather, but she turned it down and hinted that she will be returning to New England and working at a station in her home state. Stay tuned
  13. That doesn’t sound like a career change allowing one to have more time with family…
  14. “Permanent”…. LOL she may have requested to shift to mornings for personal reasons? Or perhaps this is her way of easing back in after baby?
  15. The longer weather segment looks to be in front of green screen. This makes sense and allows viewers to see the graphics in a larger/clearer way. I’ve seen other stations that mix up how they use large video walls vs green screens. IMHO I dislike when stations use the large video walls for weather - especially when they are not the seemless video walls (WFSB, WTIC) as the edges of the LED panels mess with the graphics
  16. Wonder if Phil would go back to DC and join the afternoon edition of “NewsCentral”? I can see Poppy getting the morning newsroom block on MAX…. Can’t see either of them settling for weekend evenings
  17. What’s the current anchor rotation these days?
  18. Having the border around the top throws it off in my opinion, otherwise it’s good
  19. When did the monitor behind the anchor desk (covering the corner column) change to have a thick border? Noticed it this morning on Saturday Today - it’s directly behind Laura on the 3-shot
  20. Speculation - the DC set is undergoing election updates
  21. Coveted? I assume she’ll report during the week a few days too. Good for her!
  22. I think it looks great too!
  23. @jrogo - wondering if it’s the WNJU set as it’s very similar to WNBC. Maybe it’s being used for election coverage prior to WNJU moving in?
  24. Was Katy Tur anchoring out of a new studio today?? Looked very similar to WNBC’s new studio
  25. Did Alex Witt move to Los Angeles? I noticed her Saturday show was broadcasting from there and a few other times I turned in she was in LA and then other times she was in New York.
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