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The CW moving to WCIU


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On 8/28/2019 at 8:45 AM, CircleSeven said:

I checked out the FCC callsign reservation search. And I saw that the "WCUU" callsign was still available. That meant as of recently, Weigel didn't apply to get that callsign. 

Someone has been trying to change it on Wiki for years...I will not believe it until it's flashed on a station ID and in the FCC database. The thing I'm more curious about is if there's a multiplexer upgrade, 26.1 gets boosted to 1080i to meet the master CW resolution, and 26.2 goes 720p (48 won't be changed due to WBBM's lease deal for a UHF repeater).

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WFLD didn't wait until next week to update the WPWR logo to the TitanTV Listing. It's already have the My50 logo.


Meanwhile, at 11:54pm/CT, WCIU had the new CW26 bug running.


Throughout the night prior to this, they had a transition bug with the "CW26" logo and it said underneath it "Premiering Sept. 1", then it morphed back to "The U" logo.



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