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  1. Dakari Turner wasn’t that bad plus he was just a reporter the only bad reporter they truly have had I believe her name was Alexa forget last name
  2. All stations live during breaking news today WLS coming in and out of coverage due to cubs game
  3. I don’t know if someone has brought this up in recent days, but WBBM’s old streetside studio has been stripped but I don’t understand why they have there video board turned of if they don’t even have a tenant.
  4. Wait so are they going to air it this time or are they going to forget. Or whole time we’re they doing the newscast without the cameras on and just airing TMZ instead
  5. Yes anyone they can find just kidding kinda it’s usually Ed Curran or Robb Ellis I’m just wondering was Derricks contract not renewed
  6. I honestly do t think there trying to compete with anyone they probably don’t want to keep paying to keep the rights to air modern family or Big Bang ( they keep changing it) or whatever the heck they air at 10. This is also a cheap in house option an I hate to say it they don’t need 5 newscasts on at 10pm. CBS2 can barley get ratings 4 is enough.
  7. I don’t see why they did not make whoever is doing the weather do it they always do that on WBBM when Derrick is off
  8. 20 grand a month and no bathroom wowwww
  9. According to Feeder BBM is dead last in total an all demos in morning
  10. Hasn’t he been doing this the last too months silly WNYW
  11. I agree he should go back to ABC 7
  12. Bill Zwecker just appears out of nowhere not complaining just a thought
  13. Something I also forgot to add Erin and Mike clearly don’t get along what makes management think they will do good things in the morning If anything flip Brad and Mike
  14. WBBM is now officially at the bottom in the Chicago news market.They break up Jim and Mai the only news team was actually good then they get rid or Rob there flagship anchor. I understand they need to trim the fat but how about cancelling the weekend morning news reassigning Suzanne to weekday morning solo and just have Rob solo just do everything solo because the talent there bringing in from smaller markets is just making the content seem overwhelming cheap quality newscasts over quantity of newscasts please
  15. That’s a shame the only reason I watch channel 2 was for Rob Johnson
  16. Anthony Ponce anchoring the 9pm news tonight
  17. Well I don’t blame them on why there bringing in pieces one by one there on E 67 th St which is really tight so there probably isn’t a separate entrance although WFLD is right on Michigan Av and it’s reallly busy and they got it done quickly so idk
  18. Megan did all the weather today 4:30-7 and 11 in the studio 5 6 and 10 in the mobile weather lab near her house in NW Indiana
  19. Julius I think this is the dumbest conversation I’ve ever heard on one of these threads you’re entertaining something that isn’t even brought up into existence the only prevelant question I have for a FOX O&O is why WNYW didn’t go through with the noon newscast and of course the set but pretty much everyone has let that go since they’ve gotten the new couch and backdrop which probably means there gonna be there for a while.
  20. They probably forgot. They will probably remember sometime next year and mabye they’ll at least get a new news desk while there at it
  21. The anwser to the set is probably no it takes on average 3 months to build a new set an the talent probably be Rosanna and or Lori I believe they always anchor breaking news hell I personally think they should anchor it from the newsroom
  22. Since no one has brought this up I think WGN is in trouble. FOX 32 tied WGN adults 25 to 54 at 9pm. Every time I watch they get better am better. Call me crazy I think there the best late news in Chicago. You could argue 7 but I think there targeting a different crowd Rob and Ikria ( I know I spelled her name wrong) are just so boring. I don’t like the new guy on WGN. Rob and Allison don’t have that same chemistry that they use to.
  23. It's new wasn't there 2 weeks ago since I've last watched I saw it tonight and it looked modern I wonder if it's in like a side room
  24. Too cheap to buy pointsettas I see
  25. After the pointsettas are gone it will look bogus again
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