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Standard General to acquire Tegna for $8.6 Billion


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3 hours ago, weather8822 said:

That didn’t take long. Byron Allen is already saying he’s interested in TEGNA


I'm interested in them too. I'll buy them.


Talk is cheap. 

10 hours ago, Yankees4life said:

Don't forget WDKY


Sinclair obviously saw its stations as being more lucrative than the Tribune stations, or it would have gotten rid of them and completed the Tribune transaction.

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On 5/24/2023 at 11:03 AM, CircleSeven said:

I really think Tegna needs to lay low on any future M&A takeovers for a good while. 

With Allen, I just can't see a similar mess happening. Less station conflicts and he's a smarter dude compared to Kim who had more money than sense really.

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1 hour ago, Nelson R. said:

You and me both! Someone please just buy the stations already! 

Or don’t, and just leave Tegna the hell alone as long as they’re profitable and able to operate. But yeah, I agree, Jessel is a rather embarrassing read imo.

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3 hours ago, Adam MadMan said:


"As I’ve written here before, Standard General may not be the best broadcaster to run the Tegna stations, but it has demonstrated over the past decade that it is a capable and respectable one."


This was comical and I nearly laughed out loud. Almost a contradiction in terms. They have done barely anything with the stations they DO own. Poor pay, few resources while adding more work (such as KLKN in Lincoln, NE producing a newscast for...Cape Girardeau , MO?), old equipment, and poor ratings (pretty sure KLKN and WLNE are both last place). I'm curious to know where they've shown they're "capable and respectable."

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